Hello England!

Welcome to England Watch!

England Watch is a site that is set up to report, to the people of England, what is going on in the English Nationalist Movement. The events and happenings will be reported, as Cromwell said, warts and all.

We are living through, what could be, exciting times for English nationalists but we are also going through a period where the number of small parties means that it is almost impossible to reach any long term agreement! As we have said we are living through exciting times politically, troubles in the EU, disaster in the Euro, Scottish independence (or not) and what are the English nationalist parties doing? It would seem, Bugger-all!

It would seem that the obvious action would be for ALL English nationalists to join, or at least work with, the EDP, as the largest party. The problem is that some of the smaller parties were founded by people who had left the EDP due to the actions of some of the leading members of the English Democrats. Another major problem that may put many  people off joining the EDP is the influx of a large number of BNP members now seeking a home in the EDP!

The majority of English Nationalist activity at the moment seems to take place on the internet, with party websites, blogs and face book! We will report on the best of this activity as well as on the worst.


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