When I was young books did not feature very prominently in our house but in the corner of my bedroom was a large, rather battered, cardboard box, it was used to store something, though I have long forgotten what. The box and its contents were not what are memorable; it is the four words printed on the end that faced my bed, just four words,

“Tri-ang Made in England.”

These were the first words that I learned to read, or at least recognise. After that I would drive my parents mad looking on items and boxes in shops and then reading out, in a loud voice, “Made in England”. At that time it just seemed to be the natural way of the world to have those three words on just about everything that we had in the house. I could have been this that set me on the road to my passion for all things to do with England.

It has always been my aim to try and keep my eyes open for the ‘three words’ on the things that I buy. Sadly I would be living in a VERY minimalist house if I adhered strictly to that plan.

I was watching a TV programme a few weeks ago that was discussing how viable it would be to relaunch a ‘Buy British’ campaign. One of the points that came out of the programme, and which really angered me, was that ‘Comet’, one of the largest electrical retailers in the country, does  NOT SELL A SINGLE ITEM THAT IS MADE IN BRITAIN and most of their stock doesn’t even come from Europe.

I fear that we are raising generations of children who will have as their first memory of the written word “ Made in China”!

Only a few days ago I came across the Tri-ang Society. Dip in if you are interested.


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