A virtual English Civil War?

A mini English civil war seems to be raging on the internet! The latest salvo has been fired by’ English Passport’, this is a blog controlled by Steve Uncles one of the leaders of the English Democrats Party (EDP). What was the target of the broadside I hear you ask? Was it the uproar over council services? Was it in objection to the number of service personnel killed in Afghanistan? Referendum in Scotland? Problems of the economy? Actually, no!

The target of the attack was ‘One England’ Possibly one of the smallest of the English nationalist parties and one, which the writer claims, is dead. In which case it does seem a bit OTT to attack it! Sadly it is not just a general attack on the party it is a rather personal attack on the party’s only councillor.

From viewing other websites and forums the general opinion is that it is not the work of the blog’s owner Steve Uncles. On one site the question is asked “Is it an Alan England production?” This gentleman is an EDP parish councillor in North Yorkshire who has made very similar attacks on One England, and its councillor, on the British Democracy Forum, (BDF).

England Watch does not want to appear judgmental BUT, English servicemen and women are being killed or thrown out of the forces, the economy is in trouble, people are having to resort to food-banks to feed their kids, banks that we own are paying their bosses almost £1 million bonus and the NHS is facing cut backs!

All of that going on in England but what is deemed to be important on the main EDP supporting blog? An attack on a fellow English nationalist party!

The EDP claims that it is THE leading English nationalist party; the question needs to be asked. Where are they leading and, if they are controlled by the type of idiots who think that knocking out other English parties is the way forward, are they worth following?

There is another item that we have seen is on the EDP facebook page. One of their council candidates, former BNP member, Frank O’Brien posted that he could not be sure that there was a Jewish holocaust by the Nazis because he was not there. On the BDF he has also doubted that the Nazis used crematoria for anything other than hygienic reasons. Yes you read correctly, this man is an EDP member and stood as one of their candidates in the Solihull elections last year!


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