E.D.P. The big kid on the block!

By far the largest English nationalist party is the English Democrats Party (EDP).

Founded in 1998 as the English National Party it changed its name in 2002. From its founding the Party Chairman has been Robin Tilbrook. It has never had an official Party Leader but most of the organising seems to be done by Steve Uncles.

The EDP is quite secretive about membership numbers, at the end of 2011 a figure of 3,500 was claimed but this was rubbished by a number of high profile members/ex-members who claimed that this included ‘almost everyone that had ever been a member’. The number of paid-up members was estimated to be around 700.

The basic unit of organisation for the EDP is based on the nine European Parliamentary Regions, for their own purposes the EDP have a split the South East Region to make a tenth region.

Membership of the EDP is not spread evenly across England; it is heavily concentrated in the south east and East Anglia. Regions such as the North East and West Midlands have VERY low numbers. The South West was, at one time, a good area for the EDP but large-scale resignations have resulted in there being very little support outside of Bristol.

In recent months there has been some increase in numbers in areas such as Leeds, Hertfordshire, Solihull, Southend, and Lincolnshire where, in some case, virtually whole branches of BNP members have resigned and then joined the EDP.


The EDP place great importance on getting the maximum number of candidates standing at any election. They have been accused of quantity over quality, but numbers seem to matter.

The first time the party stood a candidate was May 2003, the first electoral success was 2009 when Peter Davies was elected as Mayor of Doncaster. The first two councillors to be elected at District level were in Boston, Lincs’ in 2011. One of them was defending a seat that he had won as a BNP candidate.

The EDP has had a few defections to them over the past few years but the one in Boston is the only councillor to have defended his seat successfully!

At present the EDP have

1 Elected Mayor.

1 County councillor.

4 District councillors.

4? Parish councillors.

Most of these will be ‘introduced’ in another item.


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