Mr Uncles tells 99% that they are ‘anti-English’!

England Watch’s attention has been drawn to the latest of Steve Uncles ‘articles’ on his English Passport site.

“In England to support any other political party than the English Democrats, is Anti-English”

 – Steve Uncles – January 2012

Now such a statement, apart from being arrogant nonsense, is patently untrue. There are many good, decent, dedicated English nationalists who have never been members of the EDP! There are also a growing number of truly hard working English nationalists who have left the EDP due to its drift towards British nationalism.

Some members of the EDP National Council are beginning to worry that in this years local elections in May over half of the EDP candidates will be people who were BNP members this time last year.

At the EDP National Council meeting in November 2011 concern was voiced that at the number of resignations of EDP members that cited the association with ex-BNP members and the number of them that are being allowed to join the EDP.

Returning to Mr Uncles flawed statement, he has made the same claim on previous occasions, it seems to be a ‘stock’ line when he has little else to say.  In a way it is a pity for the EDP that he has so much to say. There are hardworking branches and members still active in the EDP, just a few days ago Steve (EDP NW Chairman) & Val Morris were at the forefront of the campaign for a yes vote in the referendum on an Elected Mayor for Salford. One of the more noticeable things about the campaign was the fact that Mr Morris saw it as an advantage NOT to invite members of the EDP National council to help in the campaign.

A statement such as the one that Mr Uncles has posted is not worthy of any democratic party.  We have no doubt that it would have found support in parts of Europe in the 1930s & 40s. It would also not be out of place in modern-day Korea, Syria or Zimbabwe!

If you want to ensure that your party is a failure Mr Uncles just keep telling the 99% of the English people that do not support the EDP that they are unpatriotic and anti-English. Mr Uncles would be wise to listen to the EDP members that do something, not just those that talk about doing something!


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