English Nationalists & Scottish Nationalists!

English Nationalists & Scottish Nationalists

What attitude should English nationalists take towards Scottish nationalists seeking independence?

A question that will be increasingly asked over the coming two years! The answer will depend on whether the English national in question is for independence or federalism. If they are a loyal party member it may depend upon the stance taken by the party.

England First Party.

“The formation of an independent England, with an English Parliament, in a federal British Isles.”

English Democrat’s Party.

The EDP is in favour of an “the creation of an English Parliament, Executive and First Minister with at least the same powers as the Scottish Parliament, Executive and First Minister within a federal UK”.

English People’s Party.

“We call for the setting-up of an English Parliament, which will have at least the same powers as the Scottish Parliament.  We call for the creation of a federal UK.”

For England Party.

“We recognise the United Kingdom as the state but we demand England is seen a sovereign state in her own right.”

One England.

“One England would establish a parliament and government for England with an ambition to have full independence from the Union as soon as practicable”.

English nationalists must take whichever stance they think necessary, but in the view of England Watch, it would be folly for any party to make an enemy of the SNP, they have the same aim as us, the best for their country. Whatever happens England and Scotland will have to work together in the future and grudges carried forward will not help.

The SNP is in favour of independence, if that is the will of the Scottish people England Watch, along with most English nationalist would accept the democratic decision.

On the other hand the possible option known as ‘Devo-Max’ should, in the opinion of England Watch, be fought at all costs. If the UK government allowed this option to go onto the referendum paper then it should be offered to all four UK nations, if it is allowed to go ahead it could be VERY detrimental to the taxpayers of England. Scotland would be able to apply pressure on the UK government via both the Scottish Assembly and the Scottish MPs at Westminster.

If Scotland votes for independence and there is nothing in place by way of a Parliament for England when this happens, then England will be in the unenviable position of being in a rump-union with Wales and Northern Ireland, both of which have National Assemblies as well as MPs at Westminster. They are also the weakest economies of the four and may well place an even greater strain on the English taxpayer!


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