A National Anthem for England?

Does England need its own National Anthem? A question that is guaranteed to excite the passions of many English nationalists!

The Welsh have the powerful and emotive ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’!

The Scots have the very ‘catchy’ ‘Flower of Scotland!

The English have? God Save the Queen?

Well no actually, God save the Queen was the British, and is now the UK national anthem.

These days the place where you will usually hear national anthems is at sporting matches, here Welsh and Scottish supporters know what they are going to be singing, whereas English supporters need to keep a notebook to hand. Various sporting bodies play different anthems. For example.

At present, the following anthems are used:

At the Commonwealth Games, Team England has used “Jerusalem” as the victory anthem from 2010 onwards. The Commonwealth Games Council for England conducted a poll of members of the public which decided the anthem for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The three options were “God Save The Queen”, “Jerusalem” and “Land of Hope and Glory”. Jerusalem was the clear winner with 52% of the vote.

At international football matches, England uses “God Save the Queen” as the national anthem.

At international rugby union matches, England uses “God Save the Queen” as the national anthem whilst “Land of Hope and Glory “is the anthem played prior to kick off. Another song, ‘A world in Union’, which uses the tune to ‘I vow to thee my Country’, is also associated with these matches.

At international rugby league matches, England uses “God Save the Queen” as the national anthem.

At international test cricket matches, England has, since 2003, used “Jerusalem” as its entrance anthem.

At international lacrosse matches, the England Men’s team uses “God Save The Queen” and the Women’s team uses “Jerusalem” as the national anthems.

In recent years both Greg Mulholland, the Lib’ Dem’ MP for Leeds North West and   Dan Kawczynski, Con’ MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham have both tabled and supported Early Day Motions in Parliament to get agreement on a National anthem for England. With very little effect.

There have also been calls for a competition to compose a specially written anthem.

There is no lack of talent out there and some very good songs have been written about England.

Ralph McTell wrote ‘England’.


Steve Knightly wrote ‘Roots’


Listen, enjoy, and debate with people of England.


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