English icons.

The idea for what will be an on-going series of articles on individual English ‘icons’ sprang from an on-line conversation between two Scotsmen and three English people. The Tayside Two claimed that, whilst Scotland had a rich and diverse culture, England had fish and chips, football and beefeaters!

The Scots ended the chat, feeling quite superior; to go and feed the haggis, take their sporrans for a walk or some other cultural pursuit.

We were left scratching our heads. Mention Scotland and the images that spring to mind are bagpipes, kilts, lochs, mountains, tartans, highland cattle, heather etc.

What are the images of England that spring to mind though?

We each compiled a list, quite quickly, of six things that came to mind when we thought of England. My six were green fields with dry-stone walls, red telephone boxes, white cliffs, Elgar, soaring cathedrals and thatched cottages. The other two did the same and we have since asked a few other people. Our scientific sample totalled an eye-watering fourteen people from fairly diverse backgrounds and locations.

We ended up with eighty-four answers, some were the same, which was as we expected, but what was surprising, to us at least, was the fact that the majority of the ‘trigger items’ mentioned, of which there were about sixty, were either structural or geographical. Four of my six are structural.

Structures mentioned range from Stonehenge to the Eden Project via Tower Bridge. Geographical features include The Needles and The Thames.

Only four ‘people’ were mentioned Shakespeare, Elgar, The Queen and Beefeaters.

Only three ‘foods’, roast beef, fish and chips and real ale.

Only two pieces of music, Jerusalem and The Archer’s theme tune.

If the fashionista’s amongst you are wondering, there was only one item of clothing mentioned in our eighty-four, the mini-skirt! This was on the same list as “the chalk giant with the big willie!”

The compiler of the list is under observation!

As you have just read this it may not work for you to attempt to do the ‘six thing test’, but if there is anyone with you at the moment ask if they are willing to give it a try.


English Democrats announce Salford Mayor candidate!

Posted by Editor on 24th February 2012 at 10:30 AM

English Democrats announce Salford Mayor candidate

Press Release from English Democrats

The English Democrats North West are pleased to announce that Michael Felse has been chosen to be our candidate in the forth coming 2012 Mayoral elections in the City of Salford.


Michael Felse is standing again for the English Democrats, though he has moved from the White Rose County to the Red Rose County.

He stood as the EDP candidate for Dewsbury in the 2010 General Election, having stood, as an independent candidate, against the winning EDP candidate in the Doncaster Mayoral election a year earlier.

If elected he will be a very different Mayor from Peter Davies in Doncaster. Whereas Mayor Davies has selected his cabinet from the small Tory/independent group on the council, ‘Mayor’ Felse would include members ‘from all parties’ as to be representative of the whole community.

Mr Felse is different to Mayor Davies in another way, he may not have won the Mayoral election in 2009 but he did win an ‘election’ in 2011, to be Drag Queen for Manchester Gay Pride parade.


His candidature should certainly generate more media interest than most English Democrat candidates attract and all at England Watch wish him, and all of the Salford team, well in his quest.

That said, England Watch is not too sure how Mr Felse’s selection will go down with some of ‘less understanding’ members who have recently joined the EDP!

There are two other Mayoral elections on the same day

London, the EDP candidate will be Robin Tilbrook.

Liverpool, no English nationalist candidates have been announced as yet!


An English nationalist candidate at last!

England Watch has been ‘watching’ to see if there would be any English nationalist party candidates in the first quarter of 2012.

There have been none in January or February and we had almost given up hope for March when we were contacted and given a friendly nudge to look this one up.

By-election to be held on 8th March 2012.

Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Parish Councillor for

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council.  Bonchurch ward.


Bernadette  JAGGERS National Front

Mark Jonathan  MAGUIRE.  The Labour Party Candidate

Lisa SIMMONDS. English Democrats – “Putting England First!”


We expected at least one candidate in Essex next month, but at District level in Braintree not Parish level in Southend.

There are three by-elections on the same day in Braintree, this is a place where the EDP has stood a number of times in the past both at district and county elections but, unfortunately, not this time. We have heard rumours that many of the Braintree members have left the EDP recently.

Braintree showed promises of being a rewarding area for the EDP at the 2007 elections they stood three candidates, one of which polled almost 30% of the vote. In the county elections of 2009 they had four candidates who polled between 5% and 12%.

Elections for the district council are held every four years but by the time 2011 came around the initial interest in the EDP seems to have faded as they didn’t stand any candidates. The same would appear still to be true.

Southend on the other hand is one of the EDP ‘new-wave’ branches it was previously the Southend BNP branch and is one of a number of BNP branches that have removed the ‘blue’ from their rosettes and switched sides!

England Watch does not know if Ms Simmonds is a former BNP member or not but at least the English flag is flying somewhere in Essex this March!

IRA Aldershot Bombings, 40th Anniversary.

Today, 22nd February 2012, marks the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Aldershot barracks by the Official I R A. The hideously misnamed ‘Troubles’ had been going on for a few years resulting in the deaths, in Ireland, of British soldiers, Irish civilians and members of the multi-factionalised IRA.

1972 marked an escalation in the violence as the IRA decided to bring the killing to this side of the Irish Sea.

Aldershot is one of the main army bases in the UK and was the ‘home’ of the Parachute Regiment. The IRA wanted to punish the Para’s for their part in the Londonderry ‘Bloody Sunday’.

A car bomb was left outside of an Officers Mess; the resulting explosion killed five female kitchen staff that were leaving the premises, a gardener, and Father Gerard Weston (a Catholic British Army chaplain). Nineteen other people were wounded by the explosion.

The IRAs had conducted attacks against the British Army in Northern Ireland many times before, but this was the first time that they had attacked military targets in Britain itself.

The ‘reasoning’ behind the IRA  policy was that it was taking the fight to the British mainland, targeting the British government and British infrastructure in order to sap the will of the British people and get them to force the British government to abandon Northern Ireland.

In reality ALL of the IRA terrorist attacks, ALL of the deaths of men, women and children, ALL of the damage to buildings, towns and cities didn’t take place in ‘Britain’ they were ALL perpetrated in ENGLAND!

Those killed on that day forty years ago were,

Thelma Bosley (44), Civilian.

Margaret Grant (32), Civilian

John Haslar (58), Civilian.

Joan Lunn (39), Civilian.

Jill Mansfield (34), Civilian.

Cherie Munton (20), Civilian.

Gerry Weston (38), Catholic chaplain to British Army.

Only one man was ever convicted of the murders. In November 1972, Noel Jenkinson was found guilty for his part in the bombing and was sentenced to a long jail term; he died of heart failure four years later while still in prison. The remaining bombers were never caught and no inquiry into the attack, or the deaths of those killed, was ever held.


It is the view of England Watch that these, and all of the later victims of the IRA, should never be forgotten.

It is also the view of England Watch that no English nationalist party, or individual, should tarnish the memory of these victims by begging for money from people or parties connected in any way to the terrorists involved in these murderous attacks!

NHS: Publish the Secret Report

This Wednesday, there is a crunch NHS vote in Parliament. MPs will vote on whether to demand the publication of a secret government report into the risks facing the NHS. That could be another nail in the coffin of Andrew Lansley’s plans – so let’s pile the pressure on our MPs to vote the right way.

The vote could go either way. Can you take 2 minutes to send your MP an email asking them to vote to release the risk report?



‘England Watch’ acknowledges ’38 Degrees’ as the origin of this item!


Why do we need an English Parliament?

This is one reason!

“In the island of Britain today there are three governments representing three constitutional and political bodies. There is the Scottish Parliament, there is the Welsh Assembly and there is the United Kingdom Parliament. They represent Scotland, Wales and the United Kingdom. Constitutionally and politically just those three exist. Constitutionally and politically England does not exist. That situation, and its implications, constitutes the English Question.”

David Blunkett (2005), A New England: An English Identity within Britain.

The Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly are comprised of members elected solely by their respective peoples. These three bodies have had various powers devolved to them by the UK government.

The members of these bodies use the powers devolved to them to enact legislation which only applies to their country. Also the members of the respective Parliament/Assembly have only been elected by the people that will be affected by their actions.

Therefore the people of Scotland elect members of the Scottish Parliament who enact laws that will only affect the people of Scotland.  No one elected in any other part of the UK can vote on the devolved issues.

England has no National Parliament; there is no elected body that is only responsible for deciding English issues. England Watch says that it is wrong that the smallest item of English law and policy is decided by the UK Parliament.

The UK Parliament is made up of 650 MP, all of whom are entitled to vote on every item that only affects the people of England.

This total is not just MPs elected to English constituencies of which there are 533 but also

59 MPs elected from Scotland,

40 MPs elected from Wales,

18 MPs elected from Northern Ireland.

A total of 117 MPs elected from outside England are completely free to vote on, for example, education in England even though it has no bearing on the people that elected them.

The people of England have no separate body acting on their behalf!

England is reduced to hoping that the UK Parliament, with not far off 20% of the MPs being elected outside of England, will play fair when it comes to deciding England’s future!

It is the view of English Watch that this system


Bribes for Scotland but still no recognition for England!

Tory leader and UK Prime Minister David Cameron is once again offering carrots to the Scots while ignoring the bulk of the people of the UK, in England!

“Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to consider more powers for Scotland if voters reject independence in a referendum.

 The Tory leader made the offer in a speech in Edinburgh, where he set out his defence of more than 300 years of political union between Scotland and England.

“This doesn’t have to be the end of the road,” he said. “When the referendum on independence is over, I am open to looking at how the devolved settlement can be improved further.

“And, yes, that does mean considering what further powers could be devolved. But that must be a question for after the referendum, when Scotland has made its choice about the fundamental question of independence or for the United Kingdom.

“When Scotland has settled this question once and for all – and ended the uncertainty that could damage and hold back Scotland’s prospects and potential.”

Mr Cameron was also in the Scottish capital to meet First Minister Alex Salmond, who wants to hold the referendum in autumn 2014.

Mr Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), has suggested allowing a second question onto the ballot paper specifically on greater devolved powers. However, his critics have called this a fall-back in the event of a No vote, and that it could muddy the waters.”

If these promises that Cameron makes to the Scots come with an additional cost who will fund them?

Don’t be stupid, the taxpayers of England of cause!

Cameron, Clegg and the Con Dem alliance are very free with the money raised from the taxpayers of England. Some of it they may even spend in England!

The people of England do not need bribes to vote against devolution, because we have never been offered a referendum on the idea!

The people of England do not need bribes to vote against independence, because we have never been offered a referendum on the idea!

England Watch is not against the Scots getting all that the can from the UK government but it is about time that the English were treated the same! Equality is all that we ask for. At the moment!

What we have is the UK government’s idea of Democracy, and it stinks!