Chronology of English Nationalist parties!

This is a, very, potted history of English nationalist parties from the founding of the English National Party in 1999.

1999. English National Party (ENP) founded by Robin Tilbrook and James Alden.

2000, Apr’. English Independence Party (EIP) launched, Chris Nickerson was its long-term leader. In 2010 it was taken over by Andrew Constantine but it ceased to be an active party soon after he founded the EPP.

2001, July. English Parliamentary Party (EPyP) is registered with its Leader and address both in Dublin.

2002, Sept’.(ENP)  Re-launched as the English Democrats Party (EDP)

2002, Sept’. English National Party (ENP) was re-registered to secure the name for possible use by the EDP.

2002, Oct’. English Progressive and Liberty Party (EPLP) Launched with Shaun Nelson as Leader.

2003, Mar’. New England Party (NEP) was launched with Michael Tibby as Leader.

2003, Sept’. England First Party (EFP) launched with Mark Cotterill as Leader.

2004, Jan’. Truly Independent English Party (TIEP) registered, Leader Norman Hennings.

2006, July. Truly English (Poetry) Party (TEPP) Michael Gibson is Leader.

2007, Feb’. New England Party (NEP) merged with the EDP bringing with it the EDPs first District level councillors. Both of the seats, which were in Dartford, were lost in that May’s elections.

2008, Feb’. Free England Party (FEP) is Registered, Andrew Constantine is Leader.

2009, Oct’. English Radical Alliance (ERA) registered, David Owens Leader.

2009, Dec’. Free England Party closed down by the new Leader Tom Wyatt.

2010, Oct’.English People’s Party (EPP) Founded with Andrew Constantine as leader. Officially it was a re-naming of the Free England Party which is why it shows a registration date of Feb’ 2008.

2010. Oct’. One England (OE) founded, Leader John Botting.

2010, ? Truly Independent English Party is de-registered around this date.

2011, Feb’. For England Party (FEP) Registered with Michael Johnson as leader.

2011, Oct? English Radical Alliance (ERA) de-registered as a party to continue as a campaign group.


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