Is ‘One England’ dying or being beaten to death?

England Watch was set up with the intention of it being, as far as is practicable, an impartial English nationalist Blog! Unfortunately this is not always possible, especially where honesty and fair-play are absent from the ‘debate’. We therefore make no apology for the fact that that this article, after evaluating both sides, comes down strongly on the side of truth.

This is the first in a series of reports on the English nationalist parties. They will not be posted on a ‘regular’ basis but as and when they are completed. The first of these party reports is for One England. As things look it may be our only chance to put this out before it folds! The title of the piece is.

Is ‘One England’ dying or being beaten to death?

England Watch asks this question in all seriousness. Of the half dozen small parties in English nationalist politics, which in size range from the EDP downwards, it is highly unlikely that they could muster 2,000 fully paid up members between them; this roughly equates with the membership numbers of Mebyon Kernow. Admittedly MK has been going much longer than any of the English nationalist parties, but on the other hand it is only active in Cornwall.

Back to the point, One England is possibly the smallest of the English parties, it is also the only one that has as one of its prime policies English independence, the others all being unionist,  it would also seem to be the more moderate of the English nationalist parties. That is where their problems seem to lie.

One England was registered in October 2010 and had been founded by former members of UKIP, the EDP and the Free England Party. Initially it drew in some former high ranking EDP members who took up party posts in Yorkshire and the South West. In May 2011 one of the members became a parish councillor but in recent months there seems to have been little activity.

But, why such a gloomy title for this post?

The main battlefields are, the British Democracy Forum, English Passport blog, owned and rigidly controlled by Steve Uncles of the EDP and, to a lesser extent, the EDP Facebook page. One England is being attacked by a variety of people but from three different angles.

England Watch has been looking at the English political scene for some years now, long before we even thought of setting up a Blog. This is our take on the ‘three attack fronts’.

Firstly, that they have no national website and do not seem to be very active.

A valid reason one might argue. The first part seems to be perfectly correct; a national website is a major requirement for any party in the 21st century! The second part is not as easily proven, there has been very little information of activity posted regarding the party,  though there have been a few mentions recently about forth coming announcements. We will have to wait and see if anything transpires!

Secondly, some of the members are attacked on a personal level, never a good political idea, though it is not all one-sided.

The reasons for this go back a few years. Most of the founder members came from either the EDP or the, then, recently closed Free England Party. One England was formed to carry on the original moderate policies of the FEP. The FEP had been closed by its then Leader Tom Wyatt when its members discovered that he, and the owner Andrew Constantine, intended to turn it into an Ethno-English party without any consultation with the members. Some of the members then called for a debate at the AGM as a result it was closed down by Tom Wyatt. As he proudly boasted a few days ago!

The attacks from the EDP members are for the same sort of reasons. It seems that no one that has left the EDP can be allowed to be seen to be succeeding in a political venture outside of the EDP.

Steve Uncles, EDP National Council member, Chairman of the EDP South East Area and owner of the Blog known to most as the English pisspot, because of its contents, is one of the main advocates of this sort of attack, especially on ex-EDP members of One England. He operates on his blog where no one can complain or contradict his views and on the EDP Facebook page. (He has a life ban on the BDF).

Tom Wyatt, (Hartlepool on the BDF) will attack anyone who shows support for One England but mainly the ex-FEP members.

EDP member and Councillor, Alan England (Cassie on the BDF) will also pounce on any One England members or supporters sometimes with quite offensive comments. It seems that both of these people have also posted on Mr Uncles blog.

One other EDP member is also on the fringes of the attacks on the BDF, Martin Thompson (Northumbrian on the BDF) who is also ex-FEP, is not quite as vitriolic or as extreme but is more than willing to join in!

Thirdly, and possibly most worryingly, is that a number of the people attacking them seem to hold rather unwanted political views for a civilised nation or wanabe political party in the 21st Century.

This last direction of attack is the most worrying. In the main it comes from former members of the BNP some of whom are now in the EDP! Of the two main culprits by far the most unpleasant is Frank O’Brien (Athelstan on the BDF) former BNP council candidate, recent EDP council candidate and now thought to be in charge of the EDP Solihull branch.

On the BDF and Facebook he is well known for references to the ‘So-called-Holocaust’ and comments that the Nazis real use of gas chambers and crematoria have been twisted. On the EDP Facebook page recently he posted that he does not know much about the so-called-Holocaust because he wasn’t there!

The other of the Ex-BNP members keen to see the end of an English Nationalist party is someone who stood as a BNP candidate in Leeds for most of the 2000’s, Dean Taylor (Caroline and English Dictionary on the BDF). Of all of the pages of policies, ideas and posts that One England has put out, the one that he finds the most objectionable is that of ‘equality for the people of England’ especially where it come to ‘gays’, which he has mentioned  in most posts recently. It is not known if he is a member of any political party at present, he left the BNP at about the same time as they ceased being a ‘whites-only’ party.

Discussion, sometimes quite heated, of a political party’s policies and actions is something that England Watch encourages and welcomes but, as an English nationalist Blog, we do not agree with the methods being used in the attacks on One England. Attacks on personalities rather than policies! The use of lies as a substitute for facts! The use of fake IDs to make the numbers of those attacking the party look bigger.

We do not know the reason for the lack of activity from ‘One England’, it may be temporary it may be terminal. The bottom line though is that they are an English nationalist party which views English nationalism from a particular angle. One England says, as do all of the other parties, that it is working for the good of England and her people.

If so is that so wrong?

The detractors of One England have failed to demonstrate how the Party does not have the interests of the people of England at heart! Maybe it is their inability to do so that has resulted in the kind of actions that they have taken against One England.

We hope that there will still be a One England for us to report on in the future, the people of England should be offered a choice of politicaldirections, but time will tell!

If the various English nationalist parties can’t work together why can’t they work alone but towards a common goal?


19 thoughts on “Is ‘One England’ dying or being beaten to death?

  1. “this roughly equates with the membership numbers of Mebyon Kernow. Admittedly MK has been going much longer than any of the English nationalist parties, but on the other hand it is only active in Cornwall”
    There’s a reason for that – it has nothing to do with England, in the same way it has nothing to do with Wales and Scotland (albeit with something more in common.).
    “Mebyon Kernow” (Sons of Cornwall), a different language from another country, clearly not English.
    An independent England (sans the distasteful element of which you write) would be welcome alongside Scotland, Cornwall, Wales and Man. A group of island nations working with each other on equal terms. I look forward to it.
    Oll an gwella.

    • England Watch is aware of the background of Mebyon Kernow. The comment you quote was in no way meant to be detrimental to M K, it was drawing attention to the inability of English nationalist parties to attract members. There will be an article on England Watch shortly about Cornwall, for until the people of Cornwall decide otherwise it is still an English county!

      • Thank you for your reply. I appreciate what you were saying and understand it was not intended as detrimental to MK. That was not my point.
        I will read with interest your forthcoming article, however, history and legality are on Cornwall’s side (regarding the last part of your last sentence), so I would hope that before you write, you will have made yourself fully aware of the constitutional status of Cornwall.
        Incidentally, An Helghyer has no affiliation to any political party including Mebyon Kernow.
        Arta, oll an gwella.

  2. Hi, I am a member of One England if you look at our FB page …….. you will see healthy debate and content.
    We debate on anything that is pro English nations and all her people. we want equality for all the people of England.

    We are under reconstruction with the amalgamation of our campaign groups into the party structure. We should relaunch next month.

  3. One England supporters on the British Democracy Forum have generally thrown their weight around and used threats and intimidation to silence critics of their party. Why no mention that …………. regularly tells people that they wouldn’t dare to make certain, perfectly legitimate, political comments to his face? That they don’t have the guts? But in a very offensive language, designed to intimidate?

    One England believes that anybody who doesn’t support gay ‘marriage’ is a bigot and a homophobe, including Dr. John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York.

    One England are inarticulate leftist bully boys with no public support.

    • England Watch has allowed this comment with just one edit at ………….. .
      They are rather sweeping ‘statements’ that you make?

      Your other comment has not been allowed as it is almost identical to this but without the second paragraph!

      • We may not always succeed but we do try not to encourage personal attacks on named people, therefore the first part of your reply has been edited.

  4. Why does England Watch in this article reveal the names of the anonymous forum contributors who criticise the One Engand party on the British Democracy Forum, but not even name the person(s) responsible for the article?

    Does England Watch only permit anonymity for those it approves of? How very democratic.

    • Second point first!
      England Watch is ‘democratic’ to the extent that all of the posts put out in its name have to have majority approval of England Watch!
      This is a blog; it is not a party or a debating society! Maybe you need to check up on Blogs.
      I can assure you that on another English political Blog by the time your comment went out it would be saying that you will be standing for O E in the next election.

      Your first point.
      It was posted as it was intended to be posted. All posts will go out as ‘England Watch’ all replies will be from ‘housecarl’.

  5. All of the so-called ‘sweeping statements’ (according to England Watch) that I have made can be supported by evidence, taken from the British Democracy Forum contributions of prominent One England party activists.

    Everything is there, in black and white.

    • Do you know that,
      “One England believes that anybody who doesn’t support gay ‘marriage’ is a bigot and a homophobe, including Dr. John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York”?
      Two members on the BDF, Caroline and English Dictionary, seem to be the only people, apart from yourself who consistently claim this.
      May we suggest that you start a thread on the BDF listing all references to this.
      As to the ‘sweeping statements’ we affirm that they are just that!

  6. England Watch did allow an earlier comment of mine in which the name of an individual was edited out. Readers may wonder why the anonymity of this person is to be protected yet the real identities and brief, but flawed, histories of various opponents of the One England party are fair game to be posted on this site?

    A case of double standards?

    • If any of the ‘various opponents of the One England party’ would like to give us a full political history we would consider posting them. If you wish to make an accusation against anyone would you please do it in the same place that the alleged wrong doing was perpetrated!
      Please, if you wish to continue this please do so on the appropriate forum!

  7. Tom Wyatt said:
    Once again, can I point out to WE that Tom Wyatt has never posted on the English Passport site. If EW is to be respected then it should always take care to print facts.

    E.W. said.
    After checking it would seem that the post in question from ‘Tom’ may have been deliberately worded as to appear to come from yourself. England Watch tenders its apology for any embarrassment caused.

    (please note that this is posted in this way because Tom posted it as a reply to ‘Sabrina’ rather than to the original post)

  8. The above probably gives people a taste of what it’s like in the EDP section of the BDF.

    Basically, if you don’t agree 100% with what the EDP are doing, then you’re either:

    1) out to destroy the party
    2) a liar
    3) a member of UKIP
    4) anti-English
    5) mentally-ill
    6) all five!

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