Illegal foreign Lorries?

The idea for this article came from one of our supporters who was almost forced off the road by a large foreign lorry. Thinking that he would report it to the Police, but being on his own in the car, he decided to try and memorise the details on the registration plate. He was rather shocked therefore when he saw that the cab unit had a ‘RO’ Romanian plate and yet the trailer had a ‘F’ French plate.

England Watch emailed Kent Constabulary to see what the law is on this; if any Police force should know about foreign lorries it is Kent.

The reply came back within 20 hours so well done to them!

“Thank you for your enquiry regarding foreign vehicles. With regards to the foreign vehicle.  Yes this is legal. Unlike the UK, where the trailer must display the registration of the Unit it is attached to and is covered by the insurance of the Tractor unit, foreign vehicles are insured separately. Each part is classed as a separate unit and therefore is insured in their own right.  It may seem strange seeing this but it is legal.

I hope this answers your enquiry.”

Hopefully then if you only manage to get the registration number of the trailer, someone, somewhere knows which cab unit and which driver was in control of it at the time!


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