England Watch Watch England!

On Monday John Terry was removed as Captain of the England football team by the FA. He is accused, and has been charged with a racist action but he has not yet been found guilty and so under English law he is still innocent! This has been cited by some as a reason for keeping him in the job but, this is no ordinary job, it is one that carries responsibilities. What has happened is not unique,  John Terry has not been singled out as a scapegoat.

If a Doctor, teacher, police officer, fire fighter is ever accused of something that brings the profession into disrepute they are suspended from their post. This would be seem as the right thing to do by most people.

The way that it was handled by the F A was a total shambles, the fact that it was done without the knowledge of the national manager was a major error which resulted in the resignation of Fabio Capello yesterday.

For England to lose is not unknown but to lose two important fixtures back-to-back can not do team morale any good in this important sporting year.

Maybe the F A board should go as well!


One thought on “England Watch Watch England!

  1. This whole circus has come about through the obsession with race that now infiltrates every moment of our lives.
    I have no idea what John Terry did or didn’t say to Anton Ferdinand. For the moment let us assume that during the heat of a football match JT did say something unpleasant to AF.
    It should have been dealt with at the end of the match, by JT apologising to AF and a handshake. Just as those who ‘enjoy’ Rugby Union will see a couple of blokes exchanging punches during the match and then walking of at the end shaking hands.
    But no, we can’t have that. This is John Terry a media hate figure. So we’ll take this to court. If possible we’ll destroy what remains of his career.
    The net result is Capello walking away. England managerless in the Euro-championships year and the FA making prats of theirselves again.
    All over a couple of words that may have been said in the heat of the moment…………………….Utterly bloody ridiculous! (whoops sorry about that)

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