Paul Nuttall MEP to Quit UKIP and join the English Democrats

That was the headline on Steve Uncles “English Passport” Blog yesterday!

He then wrote….”At 6.55pm on Sunday 12 February 2012, Paul Nuttall, using the Channel 4 Political Slot, announced that he was in favour of the English Democrats, English Parliament & Federal UK Policy, and at odds with the current “English Grand Committee for English Votes on English Laws” the UKIP policy in place on Sunday 12 February 2012.

The establishment of an English Parliament is being urged by local UKIP Euro-MP Paul Nuttall.”

He then posts the following “from Mr Nuttall MEP.”

“Devolution has created a problem in this country and the English are feeling increasingly put upon,” said Mr Nuttall today.

“Twenty five opinion polls have now shown that the English are in favour of having their own parliament and the latest one revealed that a massive 79% support the idea.

 “This issue is about fairness and trying to save the Union. The tuition fees issue is a perfect example of what is going wrong.

“How can it be right that Scottish students pay nothing for their university education but those south of the border have to pay £9,000 a year?,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIPs Deputy Leader.

 “It is also plainly unfair that Scottish and Welsh MPs can vote on English-only legislation but English MPs can have no say in Scotland and Wales.

“The English need and deserve equality with the other partners in the Union and I feel so strongly about this issue that I have proposed that fighting for an English Parliament becomes UKIP policy.

“I believe this is the only way of saving the Union because if things carry on in the way they have been going, the resentment building up about the amount of our money going over the border will mean it will be the English voting to end it and get rid of Scotland,” said Mr Nuttall.”

As there is no question mark after the ‘Headline’ it would imply that this is a statement of fact. If so then this is quite a coup for the EDP and would be their most important defector yet.

But, it is on Mr Uncles Blog, so maybe the champagne should be kept on ice a little longer.

If anyone has a link to the actual Channel 4 programme please forward it to England Watch.


3 thoughts on “Paul Nuttall MEP to Quit UKIP and join the English Democrats

  1. Here you go mate. Nice blog by the way. Keep up the good work. And yes, Uncles is a moron. Ignore everything you read on the English Pisspot.

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