Bribes for Scotland but still no recognition for England!

Tory leader and UK Prime Minister David Cameron is once again offering carrots to the Scots while ignoring the bulk of the people of the UK, in England!

“Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to consider more powers for Scotland if voters reject independence in a referendum.

 The Tory leader made the offer in a speech in Edinburgh, where he set out his defence of more than 300 years of political union between Scotland and England.

“This doesn’t have to be the end of the road,” he said. “When the referendum on independence is over, I am open to looking at how the devolved settlement can be improved further.

“And, yes, that does mean considering what further powers could be devolved. But that must be a question for after the referendum, when Scotland has made its choice about the fundamental question of independence or for the United Kingdom.

“When Scotland has settled this question once and for all – and ended the uncertainty that could damage and hold back Scotland’s prospects and potential.”

Mr Cameron was also in the Scottish capital to meet First Minister Alex Salmond, who wants to hold the referendum in autumn 2014.

Mr Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), has suggested allowing a second question onto the ballot paper specifically on greater devolved powers. However, his critics have called this a fall-back in the event of a No vote, and that it could muddy the waters.”

If these promises that Cameron makes to the Scots come with an additional cost who will fund them?

Don’t be stupid, the taxpayers of England of cause!

Cameron, Clegg and the Con Dem alliance are very free with the money raised from the taxpayers of England. Some of it they may even spend in England!

The people of England do not need bribes to vote against devolution, because we have never been offered a referendum on the idea!

The people of England do not need bribes to vote against independence, because we have never been offered a referendum on the idea!

England Watch is not against the Scots getting all that the can from the UK government but it is about time that the English were treated the same! Equality is all that we ask for. At the moment!

What we have is the UK government’s idea of Democracy, and it stinks!


2 thoughts on “Bribes for Scotland but still no recognition for England!

  1. In the questions and answers session after Cameron’s speech, not one member of the English media mentioned England. The closest they came was when a journalist asked Cameron how devo max would affect the rest of the UK. Cameron’s response was all about Wales and how they probably wouldn’t want devo max judging from the three times they’ve been consulted on devolution. As for ENGLAND – not a mention. Says it all really doesn’t it?

  2. Interesting take on PMQ (25 Feb) when Frank Field challenged Cameron to consider the English; here’s the BBC’s version

    1221 Labour’s Frank Field says English people feel grievances over the proposed Scottish devolution, asking what measures England needs to gain parity with other parts of the UK. Mr Cameron says the United Kingdom has been very successful and that he wants to tell English people that it works.

    And here’s theTelegraph’s
    For the record, here is a more complete note of Mr Cameron’s reply:
    “We want to make sure devolution works for everyone in the UK. The UK has been an incredibly successful partnership between all its members and far from wanting to appeal to English people to nurture a grievance they feel, I want to appeal to my fellow Englishmen to say, ‘This has been a great partnership for Scotland and a great partnership for England too’.

    So Frank Field asks what measure England needs to gain parity with other parts of the UK and the PM, primarily elected by the people of England, ignores that and virtually tells them to put up with it. IMO it has the whiff of ‘sour little Englanders have no right to have grievances so we’ll just ignore them.’

    Which also, tells the story

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