Why do we need an English Parliament?

This is one reason!

“In the island of Britain today there are three governments representing three constitutional and political bodies. There is the Scottish Parliament, there is the Welsh Assembly and there is the United Kingdom Parliament. They represent Scotland, Wales and the United Kingdom. Constitutionally and politically just those three exist. Constitutionally and politically England does not exist. That situation, and its implications, constitutes the English Question.”

David Blunkett (2005), A New England: An English Identity within Britain.

The Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly are comprised of members elected solely by their respective peoples. These three bodies have had various powers devolved to them by the UK government.

The members of these bodies use the powers devolved to them to enact legislation which only applies to their country. Also the members of the respective Parliament/Assembly have only been elected by the people that will be affected by their actions.

Therefore the people of Scotland elect members of the Scottish Parliament who enact laws that will only affect the people of Scotland.  No one elected in any other part of the UK can vote on the devolved issues.

England has no National Parliament; there is no elected body that is only responsible for deciding English issues. England Watch says that it is wrong that the smallest item of English law and policy is decided by the UK Parliament.

The UK Parliament is made up of 650 MP, all of whom are entitled to vote on every item that only affects the people of England.

This total is not just MPs elected to English constituencies of which there are 533 but also

59 MPs elected from Scotland,

40 MPs elected from Wales,

18 MPs elected from Northern Ireland.

A total of 117 MPs elected from outside England are completely free to vote on, for example, education in England even though it has no bearing on the people that elected them.

The people of England have no separate body acting on their behalf!

England is reduced to hoping that the UK Parliament, with not far off 20% of the MPs being elected outside of England, will play fair when it comes to deciding England’s future!

It is the view of English Watch that this system



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