An English nationalist candidate at last!

England Watch has been ‘watching’ to see if there would be any English nationalist party candidates in the first quarter of 2012.

There have been none in January or February and we had almost given up hope for March when we were contacted and given a friendly nudge to look this one up.

By-election to be held on 8th March 2012.

Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Parish Councillor for

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council.  Bonchurch ward.


Bernadette  JAGGERS National Front

Mark Jonathan  MAGUIRE.  The Labour Party Candidate

Lisa SIMMONDS. English Democrats – “Putting England First!”


We expected at least one candidate in Essex next month, but at District level in Braintree not Parish level in Southend.

There are three by-elections on the same day in Braintree, this is a place where the EDP has stood a number of times in the past both at district and county elections but, unfortunately, not this time. We have heard rumours that many of the Braintree members have left the EDP recently.

Braintree showed promises of being a rewarding area for the EDP at the 2007 elections they stood three candidates, one of which polled almost 30% of the vote. In the county elections of 2009 they had four candidates who polled between 5% and 12%.

Elections for the district council are held every four years but by the time 2011 came around the initial interest in the EDP seems to have faded as they didn’t stand any candidates. The same would appear still to be true.

Southend on the other hand is one of the EDP ‘new-wave’ branches it was previously the Southend BNP branch and is one of a number of BNP branches that have removed the ‘blue’ from their rosettes and switched sides!

England Watch does not know if Ms Simmonds is a former BNP member or not but at least the English flag is flying somewhere in Essex this March!


6 thoughts on “An English nationalist candidate at last!

    “Ms Simmonds was Thorpe’s BNP representative in 2010. As I have written, the English Democrats in Southend are the BNP re-badged.”

    As a Civic English Nationalist and not a road to Damascus convert, I wish these ex BNP types would just carry on waving there old colours and leave our flag alone.
    The Edp may welcome these people but the rest of the English Nationalist community may not.

    Are the English democrats going to turn into the new face of the BNP as the moderate members slowly slink away to more viable alternatives?

    Only time will tell.

    • Not funny at all!
      England Watch is a blog for, and about, England, English politics, English nationalists and English nationalist parties. We do not consider the Labour Party or UKIP to be English nationalist parties. Neither, it would seem, do English Passport or the EDP.

      If we were to consider ‘the big four parties’ in respect to their recruiting of ex-BNP members it would have to be pointed out that, unlike the EDP, it would be a tiny proportion of their total membership and therefore they would be unlikely to be in a position to influence policy in any significant way.

      In the local elections of 2011, approximately 20% of the EDP candidates had recently been recruited from the BNP.

      In the 2012 local elections the figure is expected to be over 40% due to the exodus of ‘traditional EDP members’ that have stood in the past. As you will know, the influx of ex-BNP members into the EDP has been discussed at the N C in regard to its negative impact on the way that the EDP is perceived by the media and the public!

      • Actually the “average member of the public” is still hardly aware that the English Democrats exist. The average member of the public is also hardly aware that the BNP is imploding.

        It is only nutters on the internet, who makes these silly claims.
        (Normally associated with political parties that don’t stand in elections !)

  2. Your first point seem to be a rather damning admission that after ten years, and all of the effort put into ‘numbers’ in order to qualify for Party Election Broadcasts, the messengers have failed to deliver.

    It is probable that more people are aware of the ‘implosion’ of the BNP than know of the existence of the EDP as it has received more media coverage.

    Your third comment is considered unworthy of a reply!

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