English Democrats announce Salford Mayor candidate!

Posted by Editor on 24th February 2012 at 10:30 AM

English Democrats announce Salford Mayor candidate

Press Release from English Democrats

The English Democrats North West are pleased to announce that Michael Felse has been chosen to be our candidate in the forth coming 2012 Mayoral elections in the City of Salford.


Michael Felse is standing again for the English Democrats, though he has moved from the White Rose County to the Red Rose County.

He stood as the EDP candidate for Dewsbury in the 2010 General Election, having stood, as an independent candidate, against the winning EDP candidate in the Doncaster Mayoral election a year earlier.

If elected he will be a very different Mayor from Peter Davies in Doncaster. Whereas Mayor Davies has selected his cabinet from the small Tory/independent group on the council, ‘Mayor’ Felse would include members ‘from all parties’ as to be representative of the whole community.

Mr Felse is different to Mayor Davies in another way, he may not have won the Mayoral election in 2009 but he did win an ‘election’ in 2011, to be Drag Queen for Manchester Gay Pride parade.


His candidature should certainly generate more media interest than most English Democrat candidates attract and all at England Watch wish him, and all of the Salford team, well in his quest.

That said, England Watch is not too sure how Mr Felse’s selection will go down with some of ‘less understanding’ members who have recently joined the EDP!

There are two other Mayoral elections on the same day

London, the EDP candidate will be Robin Tilbrook.

Liverpool, no English nationalist candidates have been announced as yet!



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