English Nationalist candidates in the 1st Quarter of 2012.

This was so close to being a non-existent article.

In the first 3 months of 2012 there has been 1 Parliamentary by-election, 39 elections at principal, county/district, level and a few dozen more at Parish level.

Some of the contests were in districts where English nationalists have stood in the past, Sevenoaks, Carlisle and Braintree. Yet in spite of this there was only one election with a candidate from an E N party, this was a lowly town council election in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.


Our fervent hope is that it will get better in the future.


English Democrats Evaporate at the London Elections!

On Thursday 3rd May there will be, in effect, three elections in London.

The election of a Mayor, election of 14 Constituency members and the election of 11 ‘London-wide’ members.

Unfortunately English nationalist involvement in these elections is rather limited. This has come as quite a shock to most observers as over the past few months, on his Blog and in TV and other interviews; Robin Tilbrook has outlined the EDP plans for both his Mayoral candidature and a major EDP push for the London Assembly elections.

Listed below are the comparisons between the English nationalists in 2008 and the English Democrats Party in 2012, it does not make for pleasant reading!

Mayoral Election.

2008 Matt O’Connor*:

2012 No EDP candidate.

*O’Connor had resigned from the EDP by the time of the election but his name was on the ballot paper.

The deposit for this election is £10,000, that is a lot of money but what may prove more difficult for small parties and individuals is the requirement of 10 signatures from each of the 33 ’districts’. For a party based in, for example’,  the South East of the capital and which may not have many members elsewhere in London a lot of time and effort is needed to get to those areas and to get people signed up and check that they are on the electoral roll.

With very little chance of saving the deposit, let alone winning, it is understandable that most small parties don’t stand.

What is strange is that 4 years ago the English Democrats managed to overcome all of those hurdles and stand a candidate with, according to Mr Tilbrook, far fewer members than today.


Election of 14 Constituency members.

Candidates in the 14 London Constituencies.

These Assembly members are elected in much the same way as Westminster elections but with massive constituencies.

Again this list compares 2008 and 2012. In 2012 English nationalist interest is represented by the English Democrats Party.

Barnet & Camden

2008. David Stevens:  2146 (1.2%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Bexley & Bromley

2008. Steven Uncles:  2907 (1.5%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Brent & Harrow

2008. Arvind Tailor. 2150 (1.4%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

City & East

2008. John Griffiths:  2048 (1.1%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Croydon & Sutton

2008. Richard Castle:  4186 (2.4%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Ealing & Hillingdon

2008 Sati Chaggar:  1853 (1.1%)

2012 No EDP candidate.

Enfield & Haringey

2008. Teresa Cannon:  2282 (1.4%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Greenwich & Lewisham

2008. Joanna Munilla:  1716 (1.2%)

2012. No EDP candidate. 

Lambeth & Southwark

2008. Janus Polenceus:  1867 (1.1%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Merton & Wandsworth

2008. Steve Scott: 2160 (1.3%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Havering & Redbridge

2008. Leo Brooks:  6487 (3.9%)

2012. Mark Twiddy, EDP:

North East

2008. John Dodds: 3637 (1.9%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

South West

2008. Andrew Constantine, Free England Party: 2908 (1.5%)

2008. Roger Cooper: 1874 (1.0%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

West Central

2008. Alex Vaughan: 1858 (1.1%)

2012. No EDP candidate.


London-wide Assembly Members

Candidates in the London-wide election.

There are 11 of these members, they have no constituency and are elected in a London-wide vote. The party lists the candidates in the order of preference. If the EDP qualify for one seat it will be Cooper, if they qualify for two it would be Cooper and Uncles and so on. If one of those were to resign or die the next on the list would take the seat, there would be no by-election.

2008. 24 EDP Candidates.

1.Roger Cooper. 2. Steven Uncles. 3. Leo Brookes. 4. Sati Chaggar. 5. Janus Polenceus. 6. Arvind Tailor. 7. Teresa Cannon. 8. Joanna Munilla. 9. Richard Castle. 10. David Stevens. 11. Carol White. 12. John Dodds. 14. Alex Vaughan. 15. Ursula Polenceus. 16. Kathie Broughton. 17. John Griffiths. 18. Liz Painter. 19. Paul Szarmari. 20. James Ware. 21. Steve Scott. 22. Nichole Vaughan. 23. Peter Tate. 24. Matt O’Connor.

2012. 8 EDP Candidates: 

1.Roger Cooper. 2. Steven Uncles. 3. Benjamin Weald. 4. Leo Brookes. 5. Janus Polenceus. 6. Mark Twiddy. 7. Michael Barnbrook, 8. Brian Cakebread.


No English Democrat London Mayoral Candidate!

England Watch was horrified to see that there will be NO English nationalist candidate in the London Mayoral Elections.

The English Democrats announced some time ago that their Chairman, Robin Tilbrook would be standing, he is not.

Was it the £10,000 deposit or the 330 signatures or something else that proved to be the barrier?


The Greater London Returning Officer, John Bennett, confirmed seven nominations to stand as Mayor of London.

 The candidates standing for the Mayor of London (in the order they’ll appear on the ballot paper and with their chosen party description) are:

 •Siobhan Benita

 •Carlos Cortiglia – British National Party

 •Boris Johnson – The Conservative Party Candidate

 •Jenny Jones – Green Party

 •Ken Livingstone – The Labour Party Candidate

 •Brian Paddick – London Liberal Democrats

 •Lawrence James Webb – Fresh Choice for London

‘Fresh Choice’ is UKIPs idiotic ‘name. in these elections!

No UKIP in the London Elections?

The garrison here at England Watch tower has had reconnaissance units checking out UKIP over the past few months as they try to decide whether they are prepared to adopt a policy of support for an English Parliament.  We strongly hope that they do!

We were rather alarmed therefore when the first list of candidates for the super-constituencies for the London Assembly was published and there was no UKIP candidate shown, as other constituency lists were published it was the same, no UKIP candidates.

It now transpires that the candidates described as “Fresh Choice for London” are in fact the UKIP candidates. The thinking behind this, if there was any, is that on the ballot paper voters will see the familiar UKIP £ logo with “Fresh Choice for London” slogan and therefore know who to vote for.

For what it is worth, England Watch thinks that this is a big, and unnecessary, mistake.

If they are relying on the official ‘logo’ to let people know the party name and that “Fresh Choice for London” is UKIP, then that is ok on the ballot paper, but when anyone goes to ‘London Elects’, which is the official site, they will see the actual words that the parties and independents use as an official description of themselves and in these lists of the parties that are standing there are NO UKIP candidates.

Newspapers and the rest of the media will use the ‘London Elects’ site for their information and there is no mention of UKIP. It is a very powerful brand name so why abandon it?

England Watch believes that UKIP people are going to waste a lot of time during this election explaining to voters that:

 “Yes, we do have a candidate in this constituency, but they are not listed as UKIP because………. “

The London Elects site is listing the names of the parties that are standing in the elections, it is listing they as they appear in the ‘official’ description on the forms, therefore when anyone looks on the ‘official’ site all that they will see is that there is no indication that ‘UKIP’ is standing.

In our view UKIP have made some spectacular cock-ups in the past and this is up there with the likes of holding hands with the far-right parties in the E U Parliament. They get away with that because it is ‘not here’. But Fresh Choice?

Was it an individual that thought this farce up or did it take a whole committee? Whatever the answer they should be promoted to Resident Representative on Rockall with immediate effect!

Wanted, 375 EDP candidates! No experience necessary!

With just a week to go before the close of nominations for the English local elections the English Democrat’s website carries what could be described as ‘a plea of desperation’.

“”However there is a further objective and that is to qualify for a Party Election Broadcast. In order to do this we need to stand over 374 candidates, so even if you wouldn’t be able to do any more than just put your nomination papers in, and would therefore stand just as a paper candidate, please do let us know if you would be willing to do this to help us to get a Party Election Broadcast across England.””

Rumour has it, and it has not been verified, that with a week to go they are about 200 short!

The website is not clear as to whether the candidates have to be members of the EDP or not, if they do then this will really show how committed their membership is.

Robin Tilbrook, Party Chairman and London Mayoral candidate recently claimed a membership of about 3,000, 375 candidates would require about 13% of the members to stand. A more realistic figure has a fully paid-up membership of about 700, if this is more accurate then over 50% would need to come forward.

Whatever the membership figures may or may not be the stark fact is that to get their Party Election Broadcast the EDP need to field three times more candidates than they have ever fielded before.

This is the dilemma that the EDP finds itself in, they have been losing many of their ‘long-time’ members. At the National Council meeting last November one of the Area Chairmen bemoaned the loss of a number of members due to “our unfortunate association with Sinn Fein”. Readers may remember that this was engineered by another EDP National Council member Steve Uncles. Another Area Chairman spoke of “the number of resignations which referred to our association with ex-BNP members”.

In Yorkshire, the South West, Kent, London and elsewhere there have been a great number of resignations from the EDP, to an extent these have been replaced with ex-BNP members. In some cases whole BNP branches have gone over to the EDP

The view of England Watch is that rather than stand as many no-hopers as possible it would be a better use of slender resources to concentrate on 10-20 seats in which they have won a reasonable number of votes in the past, such as Doncaster, Peterborough, Rochford, Broxbourne.

They have two of their four councillors reaching their sell-by-date in May, Cllr Goldspink’s Peterborough seat is up for election but he has already announced that he will not be defending it. Seamus Donne in Three Rivers also has to stand up or stand down. These two wards should be at the top of the list for shipping in activists.

Finally we come to the reason for the 375 candidates, the Party Election Broadcast. For a small party it is difficult to think of anything more deserving of the term ‘ego-trip’ than a PEB. Anyone out there old enough to remember the Referendum Party or the Natural Law Party will recall that They stood! They broadcast! They vanished!

The EDP Leadership have first-hand knowledge of such failure.

At the 2005 General Election the EDP stood 25 candidates and they averaged 1.5% of the vote in their constituencies. There was no Party broadcast.

At the 2010 General Election the EDP stood 107 candidates and they averaged 1.3% of the vote in their constituencies. There was a Party Election Broadcast but the ‘average’ per candidate fell.

This is a link to the site, can you help them out?


Countdown to the English Local Elections.

On the 3rd May there will be 128 Metropolitan, Unitary and District councils in England holding elections for the whole or part of their council members.

England Watch hope that those English nationalist parties that are standing candidates get all of the paperwork filled in in the next few days. Nominations close in one weeks’ time, at noon on Wednesday 4th April.

The rules are quite simple, Fred Blogs lives in Riverside ward in Everytown District. He is free to stand in any ward in the District; he decides that his ‘England My England Party’ has a better chance in Hillside ward so he will stand there. He then needs ten names for his nomination papers. Not only must those ten people be residents of Hillside ward but they must all be on the current Electoral Roll. If any of them do not fulfil both of these criteria then his papers will be rejected.

That is why it is important to get the forms in THIS week, that way if there is a problem you have time to submit new ones.

In the local elections of 2011 three English nationalist parties stood candidates at this level.

The English Democrats Party fielded about 125 candidates though for some reason they never gave an exact number or published a full list of the results. (Two were elected.)

The England First Party fielded ten candidates. (None were elected.)

The English People’s Party fielded their first candidate. (He was not elected.)

There will be the urge to field as many candidates as possible. This must be resisted, it is far better to field a single candidate, work the ward properly, get 50% of the vote and win, than to field 50 candidates who get 1% each and all come last.

Is English Nationalism for Unionists?

This was the rather confusing title of a confused, piece on the Blog of Robin Tilbrook, National Chairman and the English Democrats Party candidate for London Mayor.

Unlike many of his other postings to the Blog this one is rather, well, nothing much! It consists of a series of not very veiled side-swipes at UKIP and a couple of rather odd points.

The first thing that we found amusing was the title that Mr Tilbrook gives his article.

“Is English Nationalism for Unionists?”

Why amusing?

On at least two occasions in the past few years the EDP conference has debated a change of policy for the EDP to support English independence. On each occasion the motion has been defeated and the EDP has voted in favour of remaining a Unionist party!

Therefore the question can quite legitimately be reworded,

Is English nationalism for the EDP?

Another line of Mr Tilbrook’s that raised a smile was:

“I am still inclined to be sceptical about how similar the UKIP membership is to BNP members!”

While others, both within and outside of the party, are inclined to be sceptical about how British nationalists have suddenly discovered that they are English nationalists, they are also concerned to see just how many of the EDP membership and candidates were, quite recently in some cases, BNP members!

In answer to Robin Tilbrook’s question, ‘Is English Nationalism for Unionists?’

For the EDP the answer must be yes, otherwise they are guilty of sailing under false colours!

Mr Tilbrook’s original piece is here!