English Democrat’s Party Chairman on TV!

The English Democrats, as a party, seems to consider Television coverage vital for the promotion of its message!

So much so that at the last General Election it persuaded over one hundred of its members to forfeit £500 deposit in order to qualify for a Party Election Broadcast.

Sadly it did not prove a roaring success, it is true to say that both candidate numbers and the number of votes polled increased dramatically but the average vote per candidate was down slightly on the previous General Electionwhere they did not qualify for a PEB.

So when the Party Chairman appeared on the BBC the expectation was that the event would be trumpeted. Oddly though it is rather a puzzle as to why it has not been promoted more. It is prominent on Steve Uncles EDP Blog and is in the ‘News’ list on the party website but has hardly been mentioned by any of their members on Face book or any of the forums


It was not a bad presentation, if a little stilted, but much more could, and should, have been made of present-day problems rather than Roman or Royalist.

Mr Tilbrook was not being asked any awkward questions, he was in fact free to put whatever points he wanted, it was an ideal opportunity to really push for an English Parliament.

In the view of England Watch he could have done much better! It all sounded a little too much like an interview presentation for a  post as a National Trust tour guide than an English nationalist party leader arguing for a major political change.

But at least he was given, and took, his five minutes in the sun!


2 thoughts on “English Democrat’s Party Chairman on TV!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. It was like watching a history lesson. When given a chance to speak in the studio, he shoud have reminded those watching of the inequalities foisted on us by the British.
    Prescription charges, hospital parking charges, dental/optical check-up charges. The withholding of drugs. As well as tuition fees which he touched on.
    There is much more to wanting English democracy and fairness. But these are the things that resonate with the slumbering English.

  2. I didn’t watch the broadcast, as I assumed the Beeb would manipulate it in their usual way, but I believe one of the Brits in the studio spouted, parrot-fashion, the old lie that ‘there’s no demand for an English parliament’, but that garbage was allowed to go unchallenged. They repeat that lie so often that it’s now second nature for them, so countering it ought to be second nature for us by now. Surely Mr Tilbrook must have been briefed by his team to expect that ‘no demand’ chestnut to crop up? Frankly, you’d expect a solicitor to be able to challenge his opponents’ arguments. Has he never seen any barristers’ verbal fencing in court rooms?

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