One English Democrat councillor to stand down! But…?

A sitting English Democrat councillor has announced that he is not standing for re-election in May!

Stephen Goldspink was elected to East ward of Peterborough City council as a Conservative councillor in 2008 but, along with a colleague, he defected to the EDP in 2009.

We understand that he has been a good local councillor under both political flags but his decision is not totally unexpected as he moved house from Peterborough to the neighbouring district of Fenland about eighteen months ago.

If he intends to continue his political career then there are the Cambridgeshire County elections in 2013 but as the district elections were held last year he would have to wait until 2015 for the full Fenland District elections. He could go for a by-election if one comes along.

But England Watch understands that there is a possibility that the EDP may gain another District councillor before May.

Lewis Allsebrook, who was elected as a British National Party councillor for Heanor West ward of Amber Valley Borough Council in Derbyshire  has recently resigned from the BNP and declared that he is “searching for a new political home”.

In recent times the two destinations for ‘homeless’ ex-BNP councillors have been either as an Independent or to the English Democrats.

Will it be one out one in?

Only time will tell!


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