English Nationalism and the English Defence League!

A few months ago the EDL were perceived by many as being the ‘ones to watch’ on the English political scene. They were loved and loathed in equal measure by members of the English nationalist movement!

Loved by some because they were seen to be doing something to highlight the fact that the mainstream parties ignore the plight of England.

Loathed by others because they were seen to be damaging the view of England as a place of tolerance. Probably the fact that it was the EDL rather than the nationalist political parties grabbing all of the headlines had some bearing on this perception too.

The EDL flame has dimmed somewhat over the past few months; there are a number of possibilities that can be offered up for this. The most obvious being that most of their visible activity took the form of street demonstrations and marches, these tend not to be very popular events in the winter months.

Another reason is that constant references, either real or perceived, to racism within the League has put off the more moderate members and supporters. This could result in the EDL being left with the more vocal and maybe more extreme members which could result in a self-perpetuating perception of it being composed of racists.

Another problem of perception is that, as a self-proclaimed English organisation, the fact that the EDL has joined forces in some sort of electoral deal with the BRITISH Freedom Party is seen, in some quarters, as a selling out to the people oppressing the English. Neither does it do anything to bolster the EDL message that they have nothing to do with right-wing extremism.

Whilst it is true that a number of individual members of English nationalist parties have voiced support for, or even joined, the EDL no English nationalist party has ever come out in open support, or looks likely to in the near future.


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