English nationalism has lost one of its smaller parties!

The ‘For England Party’ was set up by Michael Johnson and registered on the 18th February 2011; it does not seem to have survived to see its first birthday.

It is still listed on the Electoral Commission data base with Michael Johnson as Party Leader and John Moncrieff and Lee Highdale as officers.

A click on the web address tells another tale.


In the past few years Mr Johnson has quite active politically. He came to prominence in 2006 when he was one of two councillors elected to Blackburn with Darwen Council from the England First Party.

About one year later he left the EFP to set up a local party, ‘For Darwen’. In 2008 he resigned from ‘For Darwen’ and sat as an independent councillor for a year until he joined the EDP in 2009. He remained an EDP councillor until the elections in May 2010, but he did not defend his council seat.

He was, for a short time, Chairman of the EDP Lancashire ‘branch’, he also claims to have spent £10,000 of his own money funding their elections in the North West.

He left the EDP after he discovered that Steven Uncles, EDP National Council member and Chairman of their South East area had sent an email to Sinn Fein offering to promote them in England in exchange for funds, rumoured to be about £200,000. Michael Johnson is a former member of the Armed Services!

In February 2011 he, and a few others, set up the For England Party. It had an interesting website which, on occasions, presented some interesting articles. It also had the obligatory  Facebook and twitter pages.

England Watch has, so far, been unable to discover any ‘For England’ election candidates either in the local elections of May 2011 or in any subsequent by-elections.


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