England Watch Update!

When in early December 2011 we decided to set up a Blog that would promote English nationalism it was agreed that it would not be partisan and that we would report on all aspects, and all parties, of the English nationalist movement evenly. England Watch is now in its tenth week and we realise that our original mission statement, of treating all parties alike, was rather naïve.

There are, at most, five active English nationalist parties operating at present.

The English Democrats Party, English People’s Party, England First Party, One England and the For England Party. The true status of the FEP is unclear at present; England Watch published ‘an obituary’ last week but withdrew it after reading that it may just be replacing the website.

England Watch now realises that its original aim was unrealistic for two main reasons.

1)            The EDP is far bigger than the other four parties and therefore generates much more news, comment and interest.

2)            The smaller parties either are not very active or their activity is at grassroots level and often passes below the England Watch radar.

England Watch realises that this should be reflected in the ‘column inches’ devoted to each party. It follows therefore that the EDP will not only feature in more of the articles but also to a greater depth.

In order to try to redress this imbalance England Watch will shortly be adding a ‘Noticeboard’ to its home page where English nationalist parties and organisations can post, brief, activity bulletins.

Keep watching!


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