English Democrats Party Spring Conference 2012.

The EDP Spring Conference took place on Saturday 10th March 2012 in the Clocktower Pavilion at Swanley Banqueting centre, Kent.

Very little information has been released about the meeting. This is in stark contrast to the Autumn Conference in Leicester last September. The Guardian did a photo shoot and information on the speakers was on the www within hours. The EDP went out of its way to flag up the results of the event, not so this time.

On the EDP supporting ‘English Passport’ Blog, owned by EDP National Council members and S E Chairman, Steve Uncles, he claimed that first fifty and then sixty members had pre-booked places for the day. A non-EDP- member on the British Democracy Forum said that he had been told by an EDP member that the figure was closer to thirty. The room, set out as it was with display boards and a podium, is reported to hold forty. The only photograph released so far shows sixteen people. England Watch thinks that it is a case of ‘take your pick’ as to which one you think is the closer to the truth.

On his Blog Mr Uncles claims that members came from nineteen counties, but only names eighteen, but this means that over twenty counties did not ‘send’ any members to the conference.

One thing that is very noticeable is that the bulk of the counties mentioned by Mr Uncles are around the London area and we know that Kent and Essex are where the largest concentrations of members are.

How many of the EDP councillors attended? Mr Uncles does not mention Lincolnshire in his list so it seems that the two Boston councillors were absent.

If anyone has details of numbers of speakers please do let us know.


8 thoughts on “English Democrats Party Spring Conference 2012.

    • Sorry, the short answer is we don’t know. It is another unanswered question. He did not attend the September Conference in Leicester and that was much closer to home than Swanley.
      The reference to the meeting on Mr Uncles Passport Blog is being allowed to slip down the page without any comments.
      In fact we have been unable to ascertain if any of the EDP councillors were in attendance.

  1. The EDP have now placed a report of the conference on their website.


    It has been written by former BNP councillor and now EDP Leeds chairman Chris Beverley. He also confirms that one EDP, and former BNP, councillor Seamus Dunne did attend. There is no mention of attendance figures but he does mention the names of eleven members present.

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