UKIP Attacks on Proposer of an English Parliament?

According to the English Democrats that was a physical rather than an ideological attack!

On the official EDP website their Leeds branch Chairman and former BNP councillor Chris Beverley states,

“Conference heard a very enlightening speech by Steven Davis of the Campaign for an English Parliament.

Mr Davis was asked about the recent appearance that he and a number of colleagues made at the UKIP party conference. He revealed that a significant proportion of the UKIP members in attendance at their conference were extremely hostile to the CEP volunteers and made it clear that they vehemently opposed the idea of England being treated fairly and being allowed to have its own parliament.

One UKIP delegate was so incensed at the idea of an English parliament that this person actually assaulted one of the CEP volunteers on two separate occasions during the day. The display of such outrageous and downright thuggish behaviour by representatives of UKIP exposes the contempt for which UKIP has for England and the English, however much some of their more astute members may try to deny this in order to try and hijack some of the support which is increasingly finding its way to the English Democrats.”

Chris Beverley also repeats the statement by Steven Davis on his own Morley Patriots Blog.

On his English Passport Blog Steve Uncles, EDP South East area chairman, National Council member and, one-time Campaign Director, states

“As the debate progressed more and more delegates arrived, filling the room to bursting.

 A representative of the Campaign for an English Parliament was man handled and kicked by Unionist UKIP delegates at the Conference.”

Mr Uncles also repeats the full Chris Beverley version as well.

If these dreadful assaults took place then England Watch would hope that UKIP expels the perpetrator(s) from the party.

If they did not happen then Steven Davis should be brought to book by the CEP, if he did indeed say those things and all of the Blogs and sites linked to the EDP should remove the words and post a full apology!


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