English Nationalists and the London Elections!

Ten days from now, at noon on Wednesday 28th March, is the deadline for handing in nominations for the election of the Mayor of London and also for candidates for the London Assembly. As elections in this country go these two are very expensive to take part in.

London Mayoral elections.

To be a candidate for the London Mayoral elections you must provide, A deposit of £10,000, which is returned if you get more than 5% of first choice votes cast in the election for Mayor. You must also provide 330 signatures of people on the electoral register in London in support of the nomination. These must consist of 10 from each of the 32 London borough and 10 from the City of London. If you intend to be a serious, rather than just a ‘paper’ candidate then you will have to find the funds for posters and leaflets.

The limits on expenditure for the Mayoral elections are £420,000.

London Assembly elections.

There are a total of 25 Assembly Members; they are elected in two ways. 14 of them stand for election in large constituencies, these are elected in the same way that MPs and councillors are. The other 11 are elected on a London-wide vote.

In the London Assembly elections, if you want to be a candidate for one of the 14 constituencies then you will need to produce a deposit of £1,000 which is returned if you get more than 5% of votes cast in that constituency The limit on expenditure for a Constituency London Assembly candidate is £35,000.

Independent candidates and political parties that want to stand in the London-wide Assembly contest must submit a completed nomination form. Registered political parties who want to put forward a list of candidates must obtain a party list nomination form which they can put up to 25 names on, while independent candidates have a separate nomination form. A deposit of £5,000 is required regardless of how many names are on the form. This is returned if the party or independent candidate receives more than 2.5% of the total votes cast across London in the London-wide Assembly election.

The limit on expenditure for London-wide Assembly candidates: £330,000 (for an individual independent candidate or political party list).

The total amount required, up-front, in the way of deposits for any party wishing to stand in the Mayoral election and for all of the seats in the Assembly is £29,000.

The total amount of expenses allowed to be spent on all of the elections is £1,240,000.

So far it seems that the only party willing to, and with backers wealthy enough to allow them to, stand is the English Democrats! Their candidate has been announced as the Party Chairman, Robin Tilbrook. The EDP stood in 2008 but the Mayoral campaign descended into farce when their candidate quit with his name already on the ballot paper.

If it is the case that the EDP offers up the only English nationalist candidate, we will know on the 2nd of April when all nominations are confirmed, then the logical course of action would be for ALL English nationalist parties to pull together and support Robin Tilbrook! Sadly the consensus of opinion seems to be that this will not happen, it is the wrong candidate with the wrong supporters with the wrong attitude towards fellow English nationalists.

On the British Nationalist side the BNP have a Mayoral candidate in place and the National Front have a ‘candidate ready to go’ but are struggling to find the £10,000.


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