Will Doncaster put the Elected Mayor out to Pasture?

On the third of May there will be referendums in twelve English cities where the people will be asked if they want to change to a directly elected mayor.

The twelve are Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Coventry, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Wakefield.

There will also be elections for three Mayors, London, which is established and first time elections in Liverpool and Salford.

To date there have been 37 referendums on whether to establish an elected mayor in English local authorities. Twelve have gone in favour of having an elected mayor but 25 others have been rejected by the voters.

At present there are 14 elected mayors in England, the system has not been a total success with the public, in 2008 Stoke-on-Trent voted to abolish the post and campaigns are now under way in three more of the local authorities with directly elected mayors, Hartlepool, Lewisham and Torbay to secure a referendum on on abolishing their mayors.

But, possibly more interesting for English nationalists is the fact that on the 3rd of May there will be a referendum in Doncaster to see if the voters want to scrap the office of elected mayor.

The present incumbent of the post is Peter Davies who was unexpectedly, his words, elected in 2009. He is a member of the English Democrats Party and is one of only three people to be elected under the party name.

As the elected mayor is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the EDP representatives the leadership of the party are understandably peeved at the prospect of losing the only party member with any influence on a local authority.

Robin Tilbrook, Steve Uncles and Mayor Davies himself have railed against the referendum as a Labour tactic to remove the EDP mayor because they have tried and failed to get a Labour mayor elected in Doncaster.

The great problem with the EDP argument is Mayor Davies himself. England Watch is not commenting on his competence or effectiveness in the job, the problem for the EDP stance is Mr Davies’s manifesto from before he was elected.

As you will be able to see, if you access his manifesto from the link provided below, Peter Davies made eight ‘promises’ under the title.

“If you elect me as mayor on June, 4th I will:”   then number 4 of 8 reads,

“Hold a referendum on the mayoral governance of Doncaster”.

Mayor Davies is almost ¾ of the way through his mayoralty and had not called the referendum, something that he could have done the day he entered office.

It seems that turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!

Below is the link to the manifesto.



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