e-petition for an English Parliament.


We are sorry about the paucity of articles on here this week but a particularly vicious bug has decimated the garrison here at the England Watch towers.

We hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible but in the meantime we have an interlude! (I have been told that this will mean something to people of a certain age, it means nothing to me!)

E-petitions were invented by the government a few years ago as a sop to people who complained that ‘no-one-ever-listens-to-us’. Some get one million plus, others are lucky to get one hundred.

England Watch does not believe that these petitions will, on their own, actually result in major changes in government policy but, if publicised enough, they do let the government know what people are talking about. But these e-petitions need publicity.

This is one that we would ask you to sign and circulate.

It was created by Andrew Constantine, Leader of the English People’s Party, and is entitled

‘Creation of an English Parliament’


At present it has a rather disappointing 4,892.

It still has over four months left to run so, again, we ask all of you that care for the future of England to sign up for it and then circulate the address to all of the people that you know and to all in your email address book.

The fact that you are signing something created by the Leader of the EPP does not in any way imply your support for Mr Constantine’s party. England Watch is sure that in this case the EPP is putting England above party.

England Watch recognises that some of you that read this Blog will have already signed but you can still spread the word!

Creation of an English Parliament!

Support it,


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