An English Nationalist Candidate in Darlington.

The England First Party is fielding a candidate in the forthcoming by-election in Harrowgate Hill ward of Darlington Borough Council on 12th April.

Their candidate is Paul Thompson, he was the EFP candidate in the Northgate ward in the local elections last May gaining 7.5% of the vote. He also stood in Northgate in 2007, though then he was a BNP candidate, gaining 9.9%.

He is just one of the many ex-BNP candidates that have been moving over to English nationalist parties in the past year as Nick Griffin’s party collapses.

This will be the first English nationalist candidate, in a principal council election, since before Christmas. Even allowing for the fact that parties may be harnessing their resources in preparation for May it has to be admitted that this is not exactly indicative of a burgeoning English political movement.

All candidates for the Harrowgate Hill election.

Hilary Allan, Lib Dem.

Gil Cartwright, Con.

Helen Crumbie, Lab.

Daniel Fairclough, UKIP.

Paul Thompson, EFP.


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