Is English Nationalism for Unionists?

This was the rather confusing title of a confused, piece on the Blog of Robin Tilbrook, National Chairman and the English Democrats Party candidate for London Mayor.

Unlike many of his other postings to the Blog this one is rather, well, nothing much! It consists of a series of not very veiled side-swipes at UKIP and a couple of rather odd points.

The first thing that we found amusing was the title that Mr Tilbrook gives his article.

“Is English Nationalism for Unionists?”

Why amusing?

On at least two occasions in the past few years the EDP conference has debated a change of policy for the EDP to support English independence. On each occasion the motion has been defeated and the EDP has voted in favour of remaining a Unionist party!

Therefore the question can quite legitimately be reworded,

Is English nationalism for the EDP?

Another line of Mr Tilbrook’s that raised a smile was:

“I am still inclined to be sceptical about how similar the UKIP membership is to BNP members!”

While others, both within and outside of the party, are inclined to be sceptical about how British nationalists have suddenly discovered that they are English nationalists, they are also concerned to see just how many of the EDP membership and candidates were, quite recently in some cases, BNP members!

In answer to Robin Tilbrook’s question, ‘Is English Nationalism for Unionists?’

For the EDP the answer must be yes, otherwise they are guilty of sailing under false colours!

Mr Tilbrook’s original piece is here!


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