The Largest St George’s Day Parade in the WORLD!

The Largest St George’s Day Parade in the WORLD!

Newcastle?        No way!

Manchester?     Must be jokin’!

Liverpool?         Look elsewhere!

London?            Laughing now!

Try Stone Cross!        Who?            What?           Where?

Stone Cross. A small community sandwiched between Walsall and West Bromwich in the West Midlands.

In 1999 a small group of local people decided to celebrate St George’s Day with a parade. Between 1999 and 2011 it grew from a few dozen to 25,000, it is now the largest St George’s Day parade in the WORLD!

Visit their site and view past parades and if possible make a donation. They are completely self-financing, Sandwell council withdrew funding a few of years ago despite the fact that it brings many tens of thousands of pounds into the local economy, and they now rely on donations and sponsorship. They need in excess of £10,000 to run the event properly!

If you can attend the parade then do so but please leave party banners, rosettes and leaflets at home. It needs to be, and seen to be, a non-political event otherwise sponsors may pull out. It is promoting England, her history and culture, not a small group of political parties.

This year the parade will be on Sunday 22nd April, details on the link below, so you can show your support at Stone Cross and still have your own party on St George’s Day itself!

One of the garrison here at England Watch tower attended a few years ago, it was much smaller but still a great atmosphere. Fingers crossed for the weather though, the route is almost two miles long and West Bromwich in April is not exactly tropical!


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