Countdown to the English Local Elections.

On the 3rd May there will be 128 Metropolitan, Unitary and District councils in England holding elections for the whole or part of their council members.

England Watch hope that those English nationalist parties that are standing candidates get all of the paperwork filled in in the next few days. Nominations close in one weeks’ time, at noon on Wednesday 4th April.

The rules are quite simple, Fred Blogs lives in Riverside ward in Everytown District. He is free to stand in any ward in the District; he decides that his ‘England My England Party’ has a better chance in Hillside ward so he will stand there. He then needs ten names for his nomination papers. Not only must those ten people be residents of Hillside ward but they must all be on the current Electoral Roll. If any of them do not fulfil both of these criteria then his papers will be rejected.

That is why it is important to get the forms in THIS week, that way if there is a problem you have time to submit new ones.

In the local elections of 2011 three English nationalist parties stood candidates at this level.

The English Democrats Party fielded about 125 candidates though for some reason they never gave an exact number or published a full list of the results. (Two were elected.)

The England First Party fielded ten candidates. (None were elected.)

The English People’s Party fielded their first candidate. (He was not elected.)

There will be the urge to field as many candidates as possible. This must be resisted, it is far better to field a single candidate, work the ward properly, get 50% of the vote and win, than to field 50 candidates who get 1% each and all come last.


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