No English Democrat London Mayoral Candidate!

England Watch was horrified to see that there will be NO English nationalist candidate in the London Mayoral Elections.

The English Democrats announced some time ago that their Chairman, Robin Tilbrook would be standing, he is not.

Was it the £10,000 deposit or the 330 signatures or something else that proved to be the barrier?


The Greater London Returning Officer, John Bennett, confirmed seven nominations to stand as Mayor of London.

 The candidates standing for the Mayor of London (in the order they’ll appear on the ballot paper and with their chosen party description) are:

 •Siobhan Benita

 •Carlos Cortiglia – British National Party

 •Boris Johnson – The Conservative Party Candidate

 •Jenny Jones – Green Party

 •Ken Livingstone – The Labour Party Candidate

 •Brian Paddick – London Liberal Democrats

 •Lawrence James Webb – Fresh Choice for London

‘Fresh Choice’ is UKIPs idiotic ‘name. in these elections!


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