No UKIP in the London Elections?

The garrison here at England Watch tower has had reconnaissance units checking out UKIP over the past few months as they try to decide whether they are prepared to adopt a policy of support for an English Parliament.  We strongly hope that they do!

We were rather alarmed therefore when the first list of candidates for the super-constituencies for the London Assembly was published and there was no UKIP candidate shown, as other constituency lists were published it was the same, no UKIP candidates.

It now transpires that the candidates described as “Fresh Choice for London” are in fact the UKIP candidates. The thinking behind this, if there was any, is that on the ballot paper voters will see the familiar UKIP £ logo with “Fresh Choice for London” slogan and therefore know who to vote for.

For what it is worth, England Watch thinks that this is a big, and unnecessary, mistake.

If they are relying on the official ‘logo’ to let people know the party name and that “Fresh Choice for London” is UKIP, then that is ok on the ballot paper, but when anyone goes to ‘London Elects’, which is the official site, they will see the actual words that the parties and independents use as an official description of themselves and in these lists of the parties that are standing there are NO UKIP candidates.

Newspapers and the rest of the media will use the ‘London Elects’ site for their information and there is no mention of UKIP. It is a very powerful brand name so why abandon it?

England Watch believes that UKIP people are going to waste a lot of time during this election explaining to voters that:

 “Yes, we do have a candidate in this constituency, but they are not listed as UKIP because………. “

The London Elects site is listing the names of the parties that are standing in the elections, it is listing they as they appear in the ‘official’ description on the forms, therefore when anyone looks on the ‘official’ site all that they will see is that there is no indication that ‘UKIP’ is standing.

In our view UKIP have made some spectacular cock-ups in the past and this is up there with the likes of holding hands with the far-right parties in the E U Parliament. They get away with that because it is ‘not here’. But Fresh Choice?

Was it an individual that thought this farce up or did it take a whole committee? Whatever the answer they should be promoted to Resident Representative on Rockall with immediate effect!


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