English Democrats Evaporate at the London Elections!

On Thursday 3rd May there will be, in effect, three elections in London.

The election of a Mayor, election of 14 Constituency members and the election of 11 ‘London-wide’ members.

Unfortunately English nationalist involvement in these elections is rather limited. This has come as quite a shock to most observers as over the past few months, on his Blog and in TV and other interviews; Robin Tilbrook has outlined the EDP plans for both his Mayoral candidature and a major EDP push for the London Assembly elections.

Listed below are the comparisons between the English nationalists in 2008 and the English Democrats Party in 2012, it does not make for pleasant reading!

Mayoral Election.

2008 Matt O’Connor*:

2012 No EDP candidate.

*O’Connor had resigned from the EDP by the time of the election but his name was on the ballot paper.

The deposit for this election is £10,000, that is a lot of money but what may prove more difficult for small parties and individuals is the requirement of 10 signatures from each of the 33 ’districts’. For a party based in, for example’,  the South East of the capital and which may not have many members elsewhere in London a lot of time and effort is needed to get to those areas and to get people signed up and check that they are on the electoral roll.

With very little chance of saving the deposit, let alone winning, it is understandable that most small parties don’t stand.

What is strange is that 4 years ago the English Democrats managed to overcome all of those hurdles and stand a candidate with, according to Mr Tilbrook, far fewer members than today.


Election of 14 Constituency members.

Candidates in the 14 London Constituencies.

These Assembly members are elected in much the same way as Westminster elections but with massive constituencies.

Again this list compares 2008 and 2012. In 2012 English nationalist interest is represented by the English Democrats Party.

Barnet & Camden

2008. David Stevens:  2146 (1.2%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Bexley & Bromley

2008. Steven Uncles:  2907 (1.5%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Brent & Harrow

2008. Arvind Tailor. 2150 (1.4%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

City & East

2008. John Griffiths:  2048 (1.1%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Croydon & Sutton

2008. Richard Castle:  4186 (2.4%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Ealing & Hillingdon

2008 Sati Chaggar:  1853 (1.1%)

2012 No EDP candidate.

Enfield & Haringey

2008. Teresa Cannon:  2282 (1.4%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Greenwich & Lewisham

2008. Joanna Munilla:  1716 (1.2%)

2012. No EDP candidate. 

Lambeth & Southwark

2008. Janus Polenceus:  1867 (1.1%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Merton & Wandsworth

2008. Steve Scott: 2160 (1.3%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

Havering & Redbridge

2008. Leo Brooks:  6487 (3.9%)

2012. Mark Twiddy, EDP:

North East

2008. John Dodds: 3637 (1.9%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

South West

2008. Andrew Constantine, Free England Party: 2908 (1.5%)

2008. Roger Cooper: 1874 (1.0%)

2012. No EDP candidate.

West Central

2008. Alex Vaughan: 1858 (1.1%)

2012. No EDP candidate.


London-wide Assembly Members

Candidates in the London-wide election.

There are 11 of these members, they have no constituency and are elected in a London-wide vote. The party lists the candidates in the order of preference. If the EDP qualify for one seat it will be Cooper, if they qualify for two it would be Cooper and Uncles and so on. If one of those were to resign or die the next on the list would take the seat, there would be no by-election.

2008. 24 EDP Candidates.

1.Roger Cooper. 2. Steven Uncles. 3. Leo Brookes. 4. Sati Chaggar. 5. Janus Polenceus. 6. Arvind Tailor. 7. Teresa Cannon. 8. Joanna Munilla. 9. Richard Castle. 10. David Stevens. 11. Carol White. 12. John Dodds. 14. Alex Vaughan. 15. Ursula Polenceus. 16. Kathie Broughton. 17. John Griffiths. 18. Liz Painter. 19. Paul Szarmari. 20. James Ware. 21. Steve Scott. 22. Nichole Vaughan. 23. Peter Tate. 24. Matt O’Connor.

2012. 8 EDP Candidates: 

1.Roger Cooper. 2. Steven Uncles. 3. Benjamin Weald. 4. Leo Brookes. 5. Janus Polenceus. 6. Mark Twiddy. 7. Michael Barnbrook, 8. Brian Cakebread.



One thought on “English Democrats Evaporate at the London Elections!

  1. A dying party it seems, under Uncles guidance or interference they have got rid of some of the best activists they have ever had in the party and pissed off the good activists on the outside of the party.
    Robin is happy to let his project fail it seems, if he was not happy, he would have got rid of the Dartford fat idiot a long time ago.

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