Maybe Siobhan Benita ‘no longer supports’ Steve Uncles and his English Democrat Candidates!

As reported by England Watch, Steve Uncles, English Democrat London List candidate, National Council member is the owner of the ‘English Passport’ Blog, on which he made some rather idiotic claims about Ms Benita supporting the EDP

Yesterday the wording on the ‘English Passport’ site was changed, as you will see from the quote below these ‘claims of support’, by her for the EDP, had been placed outside of the speech marks.

Siobhan Benita is running for the post of London mayor, she is NOT supporting ANY political party.

This is the article as it appeared on the ‘English Passport’ on April Fool’s Day.

“”Siobhan Benita: “I don’t want Fresh Choice for London second votes” – but do vote English Democrats on the London Party List.

Independent mayoral hopeful Siobhan Benita has reacted with fury after the  Fresh Choice for London candidate urged his supporters to give the mother-of-two their second preference votes.


Ms Benita, 40, who worked as a top civil servant for 15 years and left Whitehall in January to run for Mayor, said: “I don’t want anything to do with Fresh Choice. I don’t want any association with that party.

“I am in this election to win it. I am asking Londoners for their first preference votes.”

Fresh Choice candidate Lawrence Webb, 45, a former electrician, had said Ms Benita was “someone he would like to get fresh with”. He added: “If asked who I want my voters to give their second preference votes to I’m going to go for Siobhan Benita, and vote English Democrats on the London Party List”

“The same old faces are exactly what is turning people off in this election. Siobhan is something special.”

Ms Benita, from New Malden, who has been advised during her campaign by former Cabinet Secretary Lord O’Donnell, responded: “Fresh Choice are divisive. They are narrow-minded. I want to be an inclusive Mayor for all Londoners. Fresh Choice do not share those values”, – but the English Democrats do.””

Please not that all mistakes and poor grammar in the quote above are those of Mr Uncles not England Watch.

It is now the 2nd of April and this story is now on its third edition having been re-worded yet again.

Mr Uncles is now openly supporting Ms Benita as Mayoral candidate, after the embarrassing failure to get enough support for an EDP candidate.

We await the next version of this on-going saga!

PS. Does anyone, apart from Ms Benita, have screencaps of the original post?


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