English Nationalist Candidates in the Mayoral Elections.

On  3rd May as well as the local elections  there will also be three elections in England for Mayors and as expected the only English nationalist candidates standing are from the EDP!

What was not expected was that after announcing all three candidates last month there will only be two English Democrat candidates actually standing. The three contests are in London, Salford and Liverpool.

We will deal with London first. On 1st March Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats Party, confirmed the rumour that he was to stand as the EDP candidate for London Mayor. He also did an interview where he confirmed this. So it came as a surprise to most people, including the EDP membership, that Mr Tilbrook was not able to get organised in time.

First 2008 then 2012, the EDP seems to be making a habit of screwing up London Mayoral elections, better luck in 2016!

As one of our crew said, “the hot air was there, the basket was there but the English Democrats were unable to find the material to get the balloon off the ground”.

So let’s move on to the local groups that were able to deliver.

The first of the three candidates to be announced was Michael Felse who has is the English Democrat candidate in the 2012 Mayoral elections in the City of Salford.

Mr Felse previously stood as a mayoral candidate against Peter Davies who won the election for mayor of Doncaster in 2009. He has since changed both rosettes and Roses and crossed from Yorkshire to Lancashire. He has found winning form since his move across the Pennines by being elected as the face for Manchester Pride.

The last of the three to be announced is the Liverpool candidate, Paul Rimmer! Certainly the most controversial of the English Democrat candidates, Mr Rimmer has, over recent years, been a member of first the BNP, then EDP, then UKIP and now the English Democrats again.


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