Are the English Democrats now dependent on former BNP members to survive?

Two things are becoming clear from the growing numbers of councils publishing the names of the candidates in the forthcoming elections, firstly that the English Democrats are going to be nowhere near their target of the 375 needed to secure a Party Election Broadcast, and secondly that a growing number of the ‘EDP’ candidates are coming from the extremist BNP.

In some districts the number of EDP candidates has risen quite sharply:

Southend 10 candidates.

Barnsley, 12 candidates.

Leeds, 11 candidates.

The increases in these places are mainly made up of candidates who were, until quite recently, members of the BNP.

But in some of the more ‘traditional’ EDP areas the fall in the number of candidates is very noticeable.

Doncaster EDP fielded 19 in 2010 but only 7 in 2012.

Portsmouth EDP fielded 9 in 2010 but couldn’t find any for 2012.

Peterborough EDP fielded 5 in 2010 but only 1 in 2012.

It isn’t all plain sailing for the incomers from the BNP though, in 2011 most of the BNP branch in Broxbourne moved to the English Democrats and 4 of them stood for their new party in the elections last May. 2012 finds that there are NO EDP candidates in Broxbourne.

England Watch expects that the defence put up by the English Democrats will be that they are growing in some areas which compensates for losses elsewhere. Surely the idea is that you consolidate the areas where you have some strength AND THEN build in others, thereby achieving overall growth.

As things stand now, with many more councils still to publish their list of candidates, England Watch has found about 70 English Democrat candidates, of which about half are former BNP members.

A full list of candidates for all English nationalist parties will be on here as soon as possible.


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