Is London Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita a secret English Democrat?

Is London Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita a secret English Democrat?

This is the title of one of the latest promotional spoofs for the English Democrats written by Steve Uncles who is not only on the National Council of the EDP but also one of the 8 candidates they managed to find for the London elections, even though he does not actually live in London. He is also the author of and owner of the English Passport blog that carries this spoof. (The sections in bold are from the Mr Uncles’ blog.)

There is growing speculation that the up and coming London 2012 Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita, may in fact be an English Democrat running as an independent sponsored by the Scottish National Party.

The speculation is being manufactured within the English Passport blog (pisspot bog to its detractors)

The English Democrats who fielded a London Mayoral Candidate in 2008 (Matt O’Connor) failed to field an official candidate in 2012, however there is a great deal of internet noise associated with the English Democrats in support of Siobhan Benita, although no official endorsement has been made from the English Democrats party to date.

Mr Uncles fails to mention the fact that Matt O’Connor dumped the EDP just days before the election.

He also failed to mention that it was the English Democrats Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, who in this own Blog and in a national media interview stated that he would be the EDP candidate for London Mayor.

The internet noise is, in the main, generated by Mr Uncles and the EDP via his blog and Facebook. (They are good at that!)

Siobhan has of course denied any association with the English Democrats.

So, is she lying? Unlikely, England Watch believes Ms Benita’s denials of any association with the EDP!

The English Democrats were expected to field a London Mayoral Candidate in 2012 and many commentators were shocked that no candidate was put forward.

It was not that they ‘were expected to field’ the EDP Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, said that he was standing.

Having failed to do what they set out to do, and find enough support to stand its own candidate, the English Democrats, or at least Steve Uncles, seem to be using Ms Benito to build up their profile with a few more people in London.

This is the link to the original piece on Steve Uncles’ blog.

If you looked on Mr Uncles blog a few days ago you would have seen Ms Benita’s picture alongside the photographs of the 8 EDP candidates! This ‘link’ between her and the EDP has now been removed. Oddly though ALL photographs of the 8 EDP candidates seem to have been removed.


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