English Democrats London Campaign, the Cracks Begin to Show.

Having suffered the humiliation of seeing their Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, announce to the world that he is to be the EDP London mayoral candidate but then being unable to find enough support to stand, the English Democrats must gaze on even more self-inflicted-wounds.

In 2008 the English Democrats managed candidates for an impressive 39 contests, in 2012 they are standing 8 candidates for 9 contests.

These are the 8!

1.Roger Cooper. 2. Steven Uncles. 3. Benjamin Weald. 4. Leo Brookes. 5. Janus Polenceus. 6. Mark Twiddy. 7. Michael Barnbrook, 8. Brian Cakebread.

Since the names of the candidates for London Mayor were announced the EDP supporting ‘English Passport’ Blog, owned by their number 2 candidate Steven Uncles, has been pushing for support to be given to the independent candidate Siobhan Benita. She has publicly repulsed his advances.

Meanwhile number 3 on the EDP list, Ben Weald, has recently posted on his Facebook page:

Ben Weald. “”I sent her an email and asked if she would support an ENGLISH parliament if asked and if she would support a referendum on the European Union if asked and she said NO to both in her reply.

 I will NOT BE voting for her.””

Mr Weald has also been reported as having said:

I can only see one crediable candidate to vote for at the moment. Move aside Ken and Boris , I think Lawrence Webb from UKIP is the way forward , i do not know enough about Siobhan Benita to back her.

England Watch now sees that Benjamin Weald,  the English Democrats number 3, is QUITING the EDP!

From his Facebook page:  “”IMPORTANT AND SAD POST – Please read.

 It is with great sadness that i have to announce that after 5 years with the English Democrats that i will be leaving the party on May 5th after the GLA elections have taken place.

 I have had a very enjoyable time and met many nice people whom i hope to stay friends with , I feel it is time for me to move and for others to take the party further on.

 I will remain active as a Patriot and I still aim to TRY and make an impact where and when i can ,if i can.

 I currently have no intention to join with another party but wouldlike to wish all those within the party the best of luck in thier fight.

 I would especially like to wish Mark Twiddy , Valerie Morris and her husband Stephen Dave Morris all the best for thier elections coming up in may.

 Thankyou Ben and Raquel Weald.””


What has happened, or what has he discovered in the week or so since he agreed to being nominated?

The English Democrats had that infamous rift in 2008 with their mayoral candidate quitting a few days before the election, are we witnessing the beginning of another split?


One thought on “English Democrats London Campaign, the Cracks Begin to Show.

  1. if you have no candidate standing and you wish to use your vote wisely then you have to enquire about other people who are standing and Siobhan i did not know much about so i asked her a few questions via email and did not like what i got back so i will more than likely vote Ukip and Boris , not sure of the order.
    Ben Weald

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