Dear English People’s Party!

The English People’s Party was founded in 2010 by Andrew Constantine, who is still the Leader. They stood a couple of candidates in 2011, have a very active, and interesting, Website, they have a Facebook page and have some support on the British Democracy Forum.

At the moment they have an item on their website which is the new tri-fold leaflet. Well presented and produced, despite the lack of Capital letters on the initial sentences, it shows up the flaws in the promises of ‘the big three parties’.

It begins “are you concerned about the future?” it ends “Then vote for something else.

It markedly does not say ‘Vote EPP!’ In this round of elections it could be embarrassing for them if voters ask. Where? The English People’s Party does not have any candidates in the English local elections in 2012.

Dear EPP! It is difficult to change politics without candidates!

England Watch assumes that it was a conscious decision by the party leadership not to stand anyone this year. It would be quite a staggering coincidence if not one of their activists lived in an area with an election.

Maybe this is where the English nationalist parties could come to an agreement as the EDP has dozens of candidates that will not be pushing a single leaflet though a single door while the EPP have 10,000 leaflets but not a single candidate.

Click below for the leaflet.


2 thoughts on “Dear English People’s Party!

  1. Thanks for the name check for the EPP.

    I should point out that I was the co-founder of the EPP with David Fogden and that he has been an excellent Party Chairman and my close colleague throughout.

    We in the EPP are being very selective in which elections to stand simply as we do not wish to spread our resources too thinly. But we do have our eyes on one or two forthcoming elections, but as you correctly say, we have decided not to field candidates in these May local elections.

    • England Watch is in agreement with you regarding the husbanding of resources by small parties, however the occasional outing into the political arena need not by too exorbitant and does get the party name into the local spotlight.

      When you do find an election that fits the bill please feel free to inform us if we have not already mentioned it!

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