ENGLAND WATCH, the First Hundred Days!

We began looking into producing a Blog for English nationalists last year and actually began England Watch 100 days ago. Since then it has developed and grown both in the number of items posted and in the number of visits that we receive. April is by far our best month with far more visitors than January and February combined.

We try and vary our content with both political and not so political pieces. There will be more ‘non-party-political’ content when the fall-out from the elections has settled. As would be expected though, with elections looming, much of the recent content has been focused upon the English Democrats and as the largest party espousing English nationalism rightly so.

England Watch has often been accused of being anti-EDP, this is untrue, but, as is the case with a large number of present and former EDP members, England Watch is unhappy with the direction that the leadership is taking the party. England Watch has former members of the EDP in our team but the only ‘paid-up’ member has indicated that he will not be renewing this year. The EDP claim that they ‘are English nationalism’, in which case they must expect to be watched more than any other English nationalist party!

On an ‘in-house’ note: England Watch is losing one of our star players, ‘K’ has decided that she will be standing down today. As of next week she is spending 62 days ‘doing’ Asia before returning to take up a politically restrictive post.

Thanks, Good Luck and we will miss you ‘K’!


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