Will UKIP decide NOT to support an English Parliament?

UKIP is presently engaged in internal discussions as to whether or not the party adopts a policy supporting an English Parliament. England Watch hopes that it comes down in favour of an English Parliament but is not convinced that the outcome will be to our liking.

If they do vote to do the ‘right thing’ then it could prove to be a very important step on the road to English devolution.

Nigel Farage and other leading members of UKIP seem to be in favour of the proposal whilst others, including UKIP Wales are strongly against. A small, but active, number of English Democrats have resigned that party and joined UKIP in recent months but it is doubtful if there are enough to influence a vote.

The main meeting in opposition to the English Parliament policy at the UKIP conference recently was organised by the ‘small’ Welsh section of UKIP. England Watch asks “Is this a case of the tail wagging the dog?”

Wales has a National Assembly England does not. If the Welsh group of UKIP support the Welsh Assembly then they are blatant hypocrites for trying to deny the people of England a dedicated political arena!

If they are opposed to the Welsh Assembly then they should at least acknowledge the fact that, as the people of Wales voted for the creation of the Assembly, UKIP Wales is out of touch with the people.

Maybe this small clique in Wales they have set their collective face totally against devolution and wish to remove the national assemblies and turn the clock back! If so then England Watch denounces them as idiots!

Whatever the case what gives this group that finds itself virtually incapable of getting councillors elected, the right to deny the people of England a say in their own future.

Finally, there seems to be a rather disturbing murmuring going on amongst some ‘uncommitted’ UKIP members regarding supporting the status quo. The argument goes, so we are informed, that if UKIP is equal or even ahead of the Lib’ Dem’s in the polls, without a promise of an English Parliament, why rock the boat and change things?

Question. Why should UKIP support an English Parliament?

Answer. Because it would offer fairness and equality to the people of England!


2 thoughts on “Will UKIP decide NOT to support an English Parliament?

  1. I am a member of UKIP and was at the Debate and also the Fringe Meeting on the Friday, it was obvious that Wales UKIP had agenda from the start backed I must say by some of the Scottish UKIP members. They must have spent a fortune on their alternative policy ocument “united we stand” I’ve seen it at branch meetings, every chair at Conference had a copy on it, every free bag of goodies had a copy in them. The Welsh UkIP were a disgrace especially the young German who made a self important speech ending it with a shout at the room that we should join the Tories! Afterwards when I went outside for some fresh air before the afternoon session, there was the German making the same speech to camera and when I walked up, they stopped filning and put their camera in the boot of a car with Wales UKIP stencilled on it in Welsh, how two faced, it’s OK to boast their Welsh credentials but we English mustn’t!

    However I was one of the last people to leave the room that the Debate was held in, reason being that I was trying to cultivate an American Radio Presenter to the cause of an English Parliament, given I was the first in the room, I would like to know just when the member of the CEP was assaulted twice, I think I would have noticed being stood most of the time,able to see the entire room. In my opinion no one was asaulted and I cannot believe that the CEP was so stupid as to take a member of the English Democrats to another Party’s Conference, again in my opinion another stupid decision, unless of course it was a calculated act to discredit UKIP, which it seems is an obsession with the EDs.

    At a time when all who believe in the establishment of an English Parliament, this seems such a negative attitude!

  2. I wish they’d make a decision on this. It was announced ages ago. I accept they want to refine it, iron out any issues and give a a sold policy but for Christ’s sake it must be months now. Stop faffing about and adopt or reject it.

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