The People of England should Push For Scottish Independence!

The campaign for the ‘Yes’ vote for Scottish independence has been launched two years ahead of the vote. The SNP and Scottish Green Party are the main supporters of the campaign but they are not the only ones.

The argument as to whether independence is good for Scotland should not be considered paramount by English nationalists. Scotland contains well under 10% of the UK population, England contains well over 80%. England Watch believes that it would be good for England.

It is time that the people of England remembered to old adage, charity begins at home, for too long money, investment and jobs have been transferred from England to the other UK nations. It is time to put an end to this one-way system of using monies raised in England to subsidise others.

We urge all English nationalists to sign the petition below, not only sign but convince as many others as possible to sign. The more signatures the petition attracts the harder it will be for Salmond and the SNP to water down the question on the independence referendum when they put it to the Scottish people in 2014.

The devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are fighting for better services and investment for their people and the UK government will grant extra powers to these governments in order to preserve the union. England has no national Parliament or government defending her interests so it is time for the people to do so.

England Watch urges all of our readers to sign the petition below, the more signatures the greater pressure on the UK government to address the totally unfair situation that England is in.

The SNP want to change the structure of the UK, we believe that England should have a say in her own future as well!

Please Sign.


Is Another English Nationalist Party About To Fold?

England Watch understands that the England First Party is to be de-registered in the near future. The information is included in the EFP statement of accounts lodged with the electoral commission by its leader Mark Cotterill.

The party was founded in 2003 and has fielded over forty candidates, including two this year.  The highpoint of the EFP was 2006 when they had two councillors elected in Blackburn.

If the end of the EFP in nigh then that means that of the eleven parties listed with the Electoral Commission only three are in any way active! (Marked in bold print.)

England First Party (EFP). Founded 2003. Leader Mark Cotterill.

English Democrats Party (EDP) Founded 1998. No Leader, Robin Tilbrook, Chairman.

English Independence Party (EIP). Founded 2000. Leader Andrew Constantine.

English National Party (ENP). Founded 2000. Leader Robin Tilbrook.

English Parliamentary Party (EPP). Founded 2001. Leader Gerald Morgan.

English Peoples Party (EPP). Founded 2010, Leader Andrew Constantine.

For England Party (FEP). Founded 2011. Leader Michael Johnson.

New England Party (NEP). Founded 2003. Leader Michael Tibby.

One England (OE). Founded 2010. Leader John Botting.

The True English (Poetry) Party. Founded  2006. Leader Michael Gibson.

Truly Independent English Party (TIEP). Founded 2004. Leader Norman Hennings.


English Nationalist Candidate in Dacorum.

There is an English nationalist standing in a by-election for Dacorum Borough Council on 21st June.

DACORUM – Woodhall Farm (Hemel Hempstead)


Nitesh DAVE (Liberal Democrats)

Paul DE HOEST (Green Party)

Simon DEACON (English Democrats – Putting England First)

Paul EASTWOOD (The Labour Party Candidate)

Howard KOCH (UK Independence Party (UKIP))

Rosie SUTTON (The Conservative Party Candidate)


Simon Deacon is a councillor on Markyate Parish council. He was elected for the National Front, he first defected to the BNP and then to the EDP. He was returned to the council in an uncontested election in May 2011. In May 2011 he also contested the Bennetts End ward of Dacorum council and got 195 votes.

When National Means Unionist!

This is in response to a comment left by a reader on our item “Why is there no party fighting FOR England?

Comment from reader!  There is an alternative, National Liberal Party!

Thank you for the comment but we are at a loss as to why you think that the NLP should be considered as a vehicle for English nationalism! England Watch often checks on the websites of the micro-parties to review their stance on English nationalism. The NLP is no exception. The site covers a number of issues both national and international, but what is glaringly obvious to us, as English nationalists, is the near total absence of the words England or English. There is very little of policy on the NLP website to indicate that they have the slightest interest in English politics. They seem to be a fully unionist party.

The NLP website has come out in favour of Devo-max for Scotland rather than independence, but not a mention of whether the views of the people of England should be taken into account.


“”The National Liberal Party believes that the all people’s have a right to nationhood Some have been successful e.g. Kosovo, East Timor and South Sudan but others not e.g. Tamils in Sri Lanka, Tibetans in China or Sikhs and Hill tribes in India.

The National Liberal Party is sponsoring a new Pressure Group called Nations without States to highlight the plight of peoples who aspire to nationhood. These might be based on tribes based within a state or even across borders that may or may not have been independently organised in the past. They might have a linguistic or historical separateness from their neighbours or fellow citizens. All will aspire to recognition, autonomy or independence. As nationalists the group NwS will support all such peoples. This includes for example the Kurds, Flemish, Sikhs and Tamils. Not all peoples of course necessarily wish to form separate or autonomous administrations and we will not give unconditional support to any particular group’s aspirations. We are happy to air the feelings of minority nationalists such as the Catalans, the Basques””

All very good and noble, but again not a single mention of England and the English in there.

England Watch would ask two questions.

How much this sponsorship of the ‘Nations without States’ group will cost?

Why could this money not be spent on promoting English nationalism?

The NLP website has links for both English Green and St George’s Committee but the impression that one gets is that they are playing lip-service rather than offering full support.

From the evidence it seems that the party is confined to the London / Essex borders and shows no signs of growth elsewhere. That does not concern England Watch as all parties have to start somewhere. What does concern us is that the NLP comes over as just another party that has consigned England to the ‘back-burner’!

It also seems to be claiming an illustrious history that it is not entitled to!

This article has been revised in the light of the comment posted below. We are at a loss as to how two of us missed seeing it. Well hidden maybe?

English Lib’ Dem’s are abandoning the Sinking Ship!

Just a few weeks ago the English electorate, in many areas, turned their collective back on the Lib’ Dem’s as a punishment for being the junior partner in the coalition. The result was that they went into the election with 580 seats, and had to watch as 190 were kicked out of office. They also came out with a loss of one local authority.

Since then there has been a constant trickle of councillors defecting from the L D’s over the past three weeks. 1 in Cornwall, 2 in Chelmsford, 1 in Sussex, 1 in East Cambridgeshire, 1 in Solihull, 1 in Wolverhampton and 1 in Chorley.

Sad to report that none of them have joined an English nationalist party! Two have turned Green and the others are now different shades of independent.

But what can one expect from former members of a party that puts the EU before England.

Two more Repatriations from Afghanistan Today.

“We have been advised by RAF Brize Norton that the Repatriations of Lance Corporal Lee Davies from 1st Battalion Welsh Guards and Corporal Brent McCarthy from the Royal Air Force will take place on Thursday 17th May 2012.
The plane will land at approx 1.30pm and the cortege will pass the Memorial Garden around 3.30pm, reaching the John Radcliffe Hospital around 4.30pm.
Norton Way will be closed from approx 1.30pm, whilst Station Road, Brize Norton, will be closed for approximately 10 minutes once the cortege leaves Britannia Gate at RAF Brize Norton.
There will be road closures in place at the Marston Ferry Road / Cherwell Drive Junction, Marston Road / Cherwell Drive Junction, and at the mini roundabout by the entrance to the John Radcliffe Hospital. Please expect severe delays in this area whilst the road closures are in operation.
The weather forecast for Thursday is expected to be dry with bright and sunny spells. Please note these timings are subject to change at short notice so please continue to monitor this page as it will be updated as soon as any further information is known.”

From Oxfordshire County Council.

Why is there no party fighting FOR England?

England Watch has spent over six months now ‘watching’ what is going on in the English national movement. If one listens to the internet etc, quite a lot.

But if we ask the question, how much of that is likely to benefit England? The answer must be, bugger-all!

In England, (and Britain in general), the accepted method of changing the political system is via the ballot box. Over the past few years English nationalism has not been short of Political parties, but quantity and quality are distant cousins in the English nationalist family.

There are a possible five siblings in this family.

For England Party. On the 6th March England Watch posted an obituary for this party and although we have never seen a death certificate we have never been told that we are wrong.

English Peoples Party and One England . Twins, though not identical, both born in October 2010, both had a single candidate stand in May 2011, both show some signs of life on the internet and at a very small-scale local level. Neither of them stood any candidates in this month’s local elections, even though it was free to stand and the fact that the Party name on the ballot form and a couple of letters to the local papers may have gained a couple of extra members in the ward. Members means fees, fees means money for another election with maybe a leaflet this time.

England First Party. This party shows a bit more activity than those above, having fielded two candidates so far this year, but it is also much further to the right than the above. This, in the opinion of England Watch and others, will probably prevent any real growth. They do not seem to have benefited as much as expected from the collapse of the BNP.

English Democrats Party. Still the largest by far of the English nationalist parties, even though membership is now thought to be below a thousand. It has suffered recently from the loss of many of its established members and candidates due to the, invited, influx of former BNP activists, some of whom have left rather unsavoury internet footprints which can now be collected up and flung at the EDP.

The English Democrats are becoming more and more reliant upon former BNP personnel, both to run the party and to stand as candidates. In 2011 about 20% of the Local election candidates were former BNP. In 2012 the figure was over 40%.

The internet presence of the EDP consists of the party website, well-padded but uninformative, and a few Blogs. Of the Blogs the four main ones are those of Steve Uncles, Eddy Butler, Chris Beverley and Party Chairman Robin Tilbrook.

Steve Uncles’ “English Passport” Blog is mainly used by its owner as a platform for attacking other English nationalist parties and UKIP. Mr Uncles also uses it as a platform for disseminating incorrect and misleading ‘information’ on people and events. It contains very little that can be argued as being of help to the building of a future for England.

Chris Beverley’s Morley Patriot Blog is perhaps the most ‘professional’ of the four. It is well laid out and at least contains quite a lot about EDP activity in Yorkshire and elsewhere but also ventures into support for a number of European far-right parties. It contains very little that can be argued as being of help to the building of a future for England.

Eddy Butler’s Blog is almost totally taken up with stories of, and attacks upon, the BNP. His former party is the subject of many of his posts and gets a mention in almost every other. Apart from the report on his recent venture into the election arena there is no mention of any activity by him within the EDP. It contains very little that can be argued as being of help to the building of a future for England.

Robin Tilbrook’s Blog is a rather odd collection of pieces written by him and a large number of links to, or cut & paste of, other articles. His latest is an attack on the BNP for attacking the EDP.

Mr Tilbrook is the Chairman of a party that wants the votes and support of the people of England. That is not something that will, or should, not be given lightly; he has to earn the support and respect of the people and he, and others within his party, will not do that by assuming that those who do not join his party or who wish to be party of another party are ‘anti-English’. Again, very little that is positive for England.

The vast majority of the people of England are not attracted to the politics of the far-right and if Mr Tilbrook decides to take his party in that direction he must understand that the people will not be attracted to the EDP either.

England is in a parlous position in the UK and there is not a single party that seems to be trying to help. The BNP, UKIP and the English nationalist parties are not running, or ruining, England. It is the duty of the English nationalist parties to challenge and combat the Tory, Lib’ Dem’ and Labour  machines controlling our country. None of the present English nationalist parties seem capable of doing this; infightingand back-stabbing is not going to deliver a strong party, let alone an English Parliament.

Whether unity can be delivered by the present leaderships of those parties, or even by those parties, is debatable and negotiable. England needs a party with a membership consisting of English nationalists holding views that are acceptable to the majority of the voters.

People in general, and the media in particular, will not be fooled by British nationalists using English nationalist parties as a ‘political Doss-house’ until something more comfortable turns up. England Watch says enough is enough! It is time for real English nationalists to begin the fight-back

In a phrase, we must all hang in together of we will all be hung out separately!