Anti-fascist magazines and Websites target the English Democrats!

For three months as England Watch, but for over a year in total, we have been warning that the actions of Robin Tilbrook, Steve Uncles and the majority of the EDP National Council in recruiting, promoting and relying on ex members of the BNP would backfire.

It gives England Watch no pleasure to have to report that BNP recycling plan of Tilbrook and Uncles has now proved to be disastrous for the English Democrats and may yet prove disastrous for the English nationalist movement in general.

Historically English nationalism has been perceived as a bit of a joke, Morris dancing, men in crusader costumes rescuing damsels and a succession of English National Parties with luminary members such as the disgraced  MP John Stonehouse. Then along came Robin Tilbrook and his incarnation of the ENP, this became the English Democrats and slowly a few people saw that a viable English nationalist party was a possibility. Very quickly though things began to unravel!

The recruitment of Steven Uncles into the EDP in 2003 began their journey to where they are now. Political egos were allowed to reign supreme in the National Council of the EDP. Building from the grass-roots was abandoned in favour of political gimmicks and unrealistic goals; money was squandered as if the coffers were bottomless.

The quest for election as London Mayor has twice resulted in farce with the EDP looking like a joke party.

In 2007, without even having a single councillor elected in the whole of England, the EDP decided to contest the Welsh Assembly elections, with candidates from Essex, Kent, Yorkshire etc, the EDP has yet to find a member in Monmouthshire or Wales willing to stand for them.

In the 2010 General election they scraped together enough candidates to qualify for an election broadcast, the result was that the party’s candidates received an average percentage vote lower than in 2005 when they had no broadcast.

Steven Uncles’ antics over racist jokes, attempts to get money in exchange for promoting Sinn Fein in England, sick jokes about suicide victims and plane crashes have damaged the EDP quite badly in some areas, especially in Dartford. That though was fairly localised and could have been contained there and ignored in the rest of the country if the EDP National Council could have found the guts to have stood up to him and Tilbrook.

The links that Uncles, Tilbrook and the majority of the National Council have forged with ex-BNP members now in the EDP, is contaminating the whole English nationalist movement. It is not just a few ‘ordinary’ members of the BNP who have joined; two of the EDP candidates next month are actually paid to work for a BNP Member of the European Parliament.

This influx of ex-BNP has resulted in organisations such as Searchlight, Hope not Hate and other anti-fascist groups beginning to target the EDP. Of the 90 EDP candidates in next month’s elections almost half are known to be from the BNP, and at least 25 are former BNP candidates.

England Watch condemns the way that the National Council of the EDP has tainted English nationalism with its reliance on former BNP members as a way of building support. It has resulted in a large number of dedicated people leaving the EDP; many have joined UKIP in the hope that it may eventually develop an English stance, some have quit politics completely.

The final straw for many of them was the National Council’s, near unanimous, vote to accept Eddy Butler as a member, readers may know that he is one of those who work for a BNP Member of the European Parliament. He also tried to take Nick Griffin’s place as Leader of the BNP.

Of the ten council members attending the meeting last November Robin Tilbrook, Steve Uncles, Charles Vickers, David Lane, Derek Hilling, Roger Cooper, ‘M B’ and Alan Bennett-Spencer all voted in favour of Eddy Butler’s membership application with only Stephen Morris voting against. Mark Lancaster abstained.

All of these people must not only accept their part of the blame for what is now unfolding but it must be pointed out to the people of England that it is not the English nationalist movement that stinks just a few score people.


5 thoughts on “Anti-fascist magazines and Websites target the English Democrats!

  1. I left the EDP years ago because I objected to what to me seemed to be an excess of articles about the BNP in the EDP magazine (English Voice if I remember correctly) and being shouted at when I questioned this. Shame really. I initially thought they had something going for them in terms of inclusive English nationalism. I just hope UKIP include an English Parliament in their 2015 manifesto otherwise I can’t think of anyone to vote for. Maybe the Raving Loony Monsters will stand in my constituency. I might as well vote for them I suppose.

    • Corrected. Sorry for the error but it was Steve in the minutes.
      Maybe you could enlighten our readers as to who was the “M B” that voted in favour of Eddy Butler’s membership at the November meeting if it was not Michael Barnbrook? We will willingly correct that as well.

  2. Eddy butler was beaten hands down in his local town, he came last. His skewed views and bitter obsession with the BNP will be the death of the English Democrats. He is bitter and twisted and his ego will launch a leadership challenge to Tillbrook at some point in the near future.
    Butler will serve only one master, Butlers ego. The English Democrats will now only ever be known as the BNP reject party.
    How do we expect to make any headway now? We are now only going to be known as the bastard child of the scorned BNP housewife.

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