Elected representatives of English Nationalist Parties!

Current councillors etc.

English Democratic Party

Elected Mayor.

Peter Davies, elected as Mayor of Doncaster in June 2009.

His election was unexpected, as he himself admitted. His was the first electoral breakthrough, apart from Parish level, for the EDP in their eleven year history. He has proved to be a controversial figure in Doncaster, with no EDP members on the council his cabinet is made up of Tory and independent councillors with the majority Labour members excluded. One effect of his unexpected election was that his manifesto contained a number of things that had not been thought through and therefore he has had to admit that they can’t be delivered.

In May 2012 there was a referendum to decide if the Mayoral system should be scraped, Mayor Davies and the EDP were totally against this, even though it was one of the main pledges in Mr Davies’s election manifesto! In the end the people of Doncaster voted to retain the Mayor.

County Councillor.

Deirdre Gates. Hertfordshire County Councillor.

Elected to the council in June 2009 as a BNP councillor she defected to the EDP in July 2011. She was one of a sizable number of BNP members in Hertfordshire that left the BNP and joined the EDP. Her division is up for election in 2013.

District level councillors.

Elliot Fountain, Boston Borough Councillor.

Elected to the council in May 2011 he was one of only two councillors that the EDP have had elected at this level. His seat is up for election in May 2015.

David Owen, Boston Borough Councillor.

First elected as a BNP councillor at a by-election in November 2008 he defected to the EDP in March 2010. He defended his seat in May 2011 being the only defector to the EDP ever to successfully hold their seat. His seat is up for election in May 2015.

Parish Councillors.

The EDP also has at least three members on Parish councils,

Two in Hertfordshire.

One in Lancashire.

All elected in May 2011.

Two of the above are ex BNP. There may be other EDP members on Parish councils but, as with most of the ones listed, no party name was used in the Parish elections.


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