English Democrats London Assembly results.

In 2012 the English Democrats fielded a candidate in just one directly elected seat, Havering & Redbridge, Mark Twiddy received 2573 votes, 1.81%. In 2008 their candidate, Leo Brookes, got 6487 votes and 3.94%. One reason for this decline could be that the inability of the EDP to stand a Mayoral candidate and a full slate of candidates, as they did four years ago, meant that there was very little mention of the party in a positive mode.

In 2008 the EDP polled 25,569 in the London wide ‘top-up-list’, in 2012 the total had fallen to 22,025 votes, less than 1%., again this fall in support could be a reflection of the EDP’s far lower level of activism in London.

In the view of England Watch it must be assumed that the opinion poll, a few days before the election, showing the party on 3.6% was a ‘rogue’ poll and that the calls for a ‘final push’ for 5% and an elected member were somewhat premature.


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