A Breakdown of the English Democrats Local Election Results.

Firstly, the most obvious point for England Watch to make is that the EDP went into the elections with four district councillors and came out with two. In fairness, neither of the two had been elected as EDP councillors, one was an ex-Tory who did not defend his seat the other was an ex-BNP who defended but was defeated

The EDP stood in 90 council contests but failed to win any seats.

Number of candidates by region.

Yorkshire & Humber. 33.

East of England. 24.

North West. 18.

West Midlands. 11.

East Midlands. 2.

South East. 2.

North East. 0.

South West. 0.

Vote percentages and the number attaining said figures:

0.01% – 4.99% = 21 candidates.

5.00% – 9.99% = 37.

10.00% – 14.99% = 13.

15.00% – 19.99% = 12.

20.00% – 24.99% = 2.

25.00% – 29.99% = 4.

30.00% – 32.24% = 1 candidate.

Number of candidates that came in;

1st Place = 0.

2nd place =16.

3rd place = 22.

4th place =25.

5th place = 17.

6th place = 9.

7th place = 1.

Highest percentage. Rochford, Trinity, 32.2%. John Hayter.

Lowest percentage, Liverpool, St Michael’s, 2.2%. Paul Rimmer.

Highest vote, Doncaster Finningley, 1163, Nigel Berry.

Lowest vote, North Hertfordshire, Letchwood East, 36, Tim Vickers.


The English Democrats Party is left with;

One Elected Mayor.

One county councillor, who defected from the BNP.

Two District councillors.

If you are looking for the silver lining to this rather dark cloud then for the first time is his 15 year Chairmanship Robin Tilbrook is in the situation where the majority of his councillors were actually elected as EDP.

With the virtual extinction of the sub-species known as ‘BNP councillor’ Mr Tilbrook’s major source of ‘new’ councillors has probably run dry!


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