English Nationalist candidate for 31st May 2012!

There will be an election in Leeds on the last day of this month. It is for a parish-level seat on Morley Town Council.

It is a straight contest between the Morley Borough Independents and the EDP.

Election 31st May 2012.

Morley Town Council, Central Ward.

Gareth Beevers, MBI.

Chris Beverley, EDP.

The election has been caused by the resignation of Labour councillor Louise Bentley who was elected in 2011. The winner will hold the seat until May 2015.

If the EDP are ever going to win a by-election with one of their ex-BNP members then this should be it.

The EDP has not fought this ward before but the fact that there are only two candidates should give them a helping hand.

The ward was last contested in May 2011when Labour won two of the three seats defeating two Morley Borough Independent candidates. One of these is now trying to regain his seat. The fact that he lost last year could be an indication that he does not have much of a personal vote

For one reason or another Chris Beverley is known in Morley and although his vote in Morley South dropped quite substantially this year he could still stand a good chance of winning this seat.

If the EDP ‘star’ candidate in the north can’t win a parish-level contest then they really are in trouble!




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