We all know that they say Britain but it is England that will end up with the vast majority of them. It will put a masive strain on housing, schools, the NHS and on community relations in the areas that they will all settle in.

“Britain is already the destination of choice for tens of thousands of eastern Europeans every year because of our generous state handouts compared with their home countries.”

“Since then (2004) more than 1.4 million eastern Europeans – mainly Poles and Lithuanians – have come to Britain and now make up 40 per cent of all foreign workers in the country. Last month, interfering Eurocrats also ordered Britain to give millions of foreigners full access to the NHS.

The European Commission insisted that migrants from within the EU are entitled to stay and use the service indefinitely, even if they do not pay UK taxes.

It threatened the Government with court action or a swingeing fine unless it scrapped rules banning jobless EU citizens from staying in the country for more than three months without having their own health insurance.”

England Watch asks “when will the UK government realise that England is not a dumping ground for the poor and unemployed of the EU?”

Cameron promised us a vote of the EU. The LIAR failed to deliver! What’s new!

Below is the full report from The Express!



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